REVIEW: Norev Audi S5 Coupe •

REVIEW: Norev Audi S5 Coupe

Being an avid Audi fan it was only a matter of time before I added the Norev Audi S5 Coupe to my collection. I was waiting for a good deal on a red version but decided to go with black as the deal for it was too good to pass up, $46 shipped from France equals the super value in my books. Big thanks to JB for sending me an email about this limited offer.

The model is from Norev, it is from their “HQ Collection”, high quality for those that are not aware. The exterior box provided photos of the model and marking of HQ. Inside is your typical styrofoam shell, my personal favourite way to ship models today.

audi_s5coupe11  audi_s5coupe14

audi_s5coupe2  audi_s5coupe3

The exterior of the model is well done, but not perfect! Shutlines are tight in almost all areas. I’m not a hundred percent sold that the model mirrors the 1:1, the overall length seems a tad short. Does anyone agree? The overall ride height of the car is off, a set of lowering springs would be best here. I’ve seen others attempt a suspension modification with great success so I don’t think it would be too challenges for the novice to attempt. The wheels are nicely executed too, but being an Audi S Line model I would have suggested they use a larger diameter rim.


audi_s5coupe6  audi_s5coupe4

Moving on to the front engine compartment and rear storage area. The biggest issue with the model is the engine it is all wrong! Notice the V8 badging on the exterior side panels, well the motor is labelled V6!! How this passed and went into production is a mystery to all. It really grinds my gears, as the Audi V8 is a magnificent piece of art for your senses – eyes and ears. A big miss here Norev! The rear storage compartment is carpeted, a nice piece of detail is the chrome clips for the optional storage net. Very nice!

audi_s5coupe8  audi_s5coupe9

audi_s5coupe7  audi_s5coupe10

The Interior is absolutely solid, maybe the best work I’ve seen from Norev to date. Attention to detail is very good, they even chromed the speakers for the elite Bang & Olufsen stereo on the upper dash as pictured below. I love how the white interior works with the black exterior. Well done Norev!


I’m on the fence if I would recommend the model. As mentioned the motor screw up is unacceptable and would deter many collectors from purchase, but on the flip side, do you really display the car with the engine on display, some maybe. Since I’m a huge fan of Audi and Volkswagen I can make an exception for this oversight, so I guess the final decision would rest with you. Enjoy the pics!

audi_s5coupe15  audi_s5coupe13  audi_s5coupe12

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9 Responses to "REVIEW: Norev Audi S5 Coupe"

  1. Audi owner says:

    Where’s the moon roof??

  2. Archangel says:

    Actually, you’re mistaking on the V8 engine that was supposedly powering the Audi S5 Coupe: in fact, it was a V6 3 liter, supercharged engine. The V8 engine only powers the top model RS5.


  3. Matt Silverman says:

    Hi. If you are interested in selling this car I’d love to buy it. Thanks.

  4. Tanya says:

    Cool! Who is the seller? I want it!

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