REVIEW: Norev Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sport Dealer Edtion •

REVIEW: Norev Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sport Dealer Edtion

I have a weakness for hot hatchbacks; the Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sport was love at first sight! Not available in 1:1 form in North America I was completely clueless of its release until just recently. The A-Class Sport was commissioned by Mercedes-Benz, which is a dealer edition exclusive by Norev. It currently is available in the following colours; Mountain Grey Magno, Zirrus White, and Polar Silver as shown below.

I was pleasantly surprised when I received the model the level of detail was above average, especially the interior bits. Two thumbs up to Norev for doing a fantastic job. The rear hatch is carpeted and so is the interior. The hand-painted interior bits, such as the foot pedals, navigation system, and sexy sport bucket racing seats up the anti here. The rear doors up too and cloth seat belts line the rear seating area on both sides. My only issues were loose rear lower spoiler, a few minutes and a little modelling glue solved the issue in a snap! And finally the lacklustre rotors (I’m really nit-picking now). I highly recommend this model, enjoy the pics!







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