REVIEW: Norev Volkswagen Golf GTI G60 MKII •

REVIEW: Norev Volkswagen Golf GTI G60 MKII

Let me preface this short review by saying I originally owned the OttOmobile Volkswagen Golf G60 and sold it to obtain the diecast/open model by Norev. I’ll try to put together a comparison of the two at a later date. As you know I’m a huge Volkswagen fan, and I’ll jump on almost anything water-cooled Volkswagen in 1:18 form. Thank you to the likes of OttOmobile and Norev for releasing some classic examples from Volkswagen’s assortment as the brand is not considered mainstream (I disagree) for more models to be considered. I’m sure Otto sales and the latest Norev release will prove this brand has a mass following! And I’m sure more examples are on the way in 2013!

The model itself was commissioned by Model Car World as an exclusive release of 1500 units. As mentioned above I did own the sealed resin release by OttOmobile, nothing really negative to say but if I have the opportunity to choose diecast over metal I will choose diecast. The model is retailing for 79 euros around $100 CND. A little pricey for a Norev but being a limited edition and having a passion for the brand makes it worth the few extra bucks. First off I’m no authority on Golf of any generation but a few things I noticed on this model. The front G60 badge is not to scale. Also the huge miss on the rear exhaust, it is way out of scale – way too small. I don’t know how this oversight was missed! The front fogs seem to be off when compared to the 1:1 too, nothing major but it is noticeable. The GTI logo on the front section of each door is using the wrong font, not true to the 1:1 at all. The positives include the above-average paint; you must have a Golf/GTI in red! The wheels are nicely executed too. Better than expected is the motor. Nicely detailed with the g-ladder visible in all its glory (some G60 owners would say horror story due to the unreliability of the supercharger). I’m quite happy with the model overall, if I had to trade up again I’d do it without hesitation. Enjoy the pics!

volkswagen_golfg60mk2  volkswagen_golfg60mk22  volkswagen_golfg60mk23

volkswagen_golfg60mk24  volkswagen_golfg60mk25  volkswagen_golfg60mk26

volkswagen_golfg60mk27  volkswagen_golfg60mk28  volkswagen_golfg60mk29

volkswagen_golfg60mk210  volkswagen_golfg60mk211  volkswagen_golfg60mk212

volkswagen_golfg60mk213  volkswagen_golfg60mk214  volkswagen_golfg60mk215

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  1. josh dawe says:

    Is there anyway I could get my hands on one of these?

    • DS Team says:

      Yes, but it won’t be cheap depending on your location. This model is a limited addition and as you most likely know appeals to a larger audience than just diecast collectors. Two options, first one, second search eBay using “Worldwide” setting under advanced search functions. Good luck!

  2. Simon says:

    Wish that in real life cars as well as models was like this model.☺️

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