REVIEW: Spark Audi TT RS VLN Presentation Car 2011 (Audi Collection) •

REVIEW: Spark Audi TT RS VLN Presentation Car 2011 (Audi Collection)

You know the feeling when you finally have the elusive model in your procession, well this one from Spark the Audi TT RS VLN Presentation car is that for me. I’m been hunting this model down for a year plus, ever since I discovered it flipping through the European Audi Collection catalogue. Back and forth correspondence with Audi Germany, disappointing delays, and missed deadlines the model was finally released in November 2012! I ordered one as soon as possible, did not want to risk missing out on this limited edition car!

The model itself is well-executed, I have no issues other than a slight off-kilter rear spoiler. The spoiler is shipped uninstalled and requires installation by inserting the two ends into two small slots on the model itself. What is neat about this is the spoiler as in the 1:1 extends from these two points into the rear compartment. You should be able to see this from the overhead photo. The box is of Spark of old, where the model is presented in a sandwich box that is lined with a photo of the 1:1 car. The flared fenders are all finished with perforated mesh, a nice clean look and well-executed too. The paint is very sharp, almost perfect, no complaints here. The interior is nicely appointed with all the small details there. I love the stripped interior look, it allows the roll cage and upper strut bars to stand out and be noticed. I’m a huge Audi fan, and also an Audi TT owner so this was a must-have for me. Two thumbs up! Enjoy the pics!

audi_ttrsvln  audi_ttrsvln2  audi_ttrsvln3

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audi_ttrsvln7  audi_ttrsvln8  audi_ttrsvln9

audi_ttrsvln10  audi_ttrsvln11  audi_ttrsvln12

audi_ttrsvln13  audi_ttrsvln14  audi_ttrsvln15

audi_ttrsvln16  audi_ttrsvln17  audi_ttrsvln18

audi_ttrsvln19  audi_ttrsvln20  audi_ttrsvln21



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