REVIEW: NZG Mercedes-AMG ONE (C298) •

REVIEW: NZG Mercedes-AMG ONE (C298)

On the first announcement, our team found this “an improvement on their first release of the 1:18 Mercedes-Benz AMG ONE (C298), in Silver/Black with no livery.  The latest iteration is more our speed, the Black exterior featuring the star livery is on point.  Now, is it good enough to buy one?“ Especially, as the far more expensive VIP sealed resin version somewhat disappointed. There was only one way to find out, so I bought ONE.

First impressions are a little underwhelming and the model, its material and weight seem very “Maisto level” (to quote a comment upon our release announcement). I first put it aside, shrugging my shoulders in an “Oh, well” reaction. But I have to admit that I have somewhat warmed to the model.

Much of it is certainly due to the black colour and the stary livery, which like the VIP misses the one red star tribute to Niki Lauda. The light moulded plastic representing the exposed carbon fibre panels feel cheap, yes, but they do the very light matte carbon of the real vehicle more justice than the shiny decals of the VIP, especially on the split engine cover that looks as if it was removable in the way it is on the original car (but, beware, isn´t). The fuel doors on either side are separate pieces, but cannot be opened. Neither can the louvres over the front wheel arches and the rear wing, beautifully adorned with a Mercedes star, be lowered, but remain in the race setting where the car isn´t road-legal.

The tires don´t have branding, but the rims have an AMG logo, an excellent shiny star-branded centre locking and look more convincing with their integrated aerodynamic disc covers than what VIP has hovering there. Underneath the brake calipers are still credible but the brake discs are hidden behind those nice rims.

The headlights´ projectors look more delicate behind lenses that very unfortunately let the model down by showing there mounting clips all too clearly. The rear lights have better clear lenses covering an unlit LED pattern. The exhaust is simply a hole into the dark void of the model´s inside. But all the mesh covers (around the exhaust tip, in the engine bay´s rear, in the engine cover´s NACA ducts in the front) are remarkably perforated and not just patterned plastic plates. All the parking sensors are included too.

The doors open to a cabin that features an AMG door-sill print, a detailed F1-steering wheel underneath a shiny info screen of the car in parking mode, fabric three-point seat belts with photo-etched buckles and a little look on the centre cubby space between the AMG embroidered seats.

While this may not be the last word on what a model of the AMG ONE could be (if done by BBR, AUTOart, Almost Real, LCD or Amalgam´s 1:8 for over 16,000 €!), it certainly is good value for the 130€ the Mercedes dealerships will charge, while exceeding 160€ that some model retailers charge are not worth it. So yes, if you don´t need an ultimate version, IMHO it is just good enough to buy ONE from NZG.

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  1. DS Team says:

    Perfect timing! And thank you for the review! Still on the fence whether it’s an add or not. The Mercedes-AMG ONE fits the collection theme perfectly but does the NZG provide enough? Clearly, the VIP version is a pass. And the question, still remains, does the Mercedes-AMG ONE carry enough clout with the “other” brands to put into production?

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