REVIEW: OttOmobile Scirocco GTX KAMEI •

REVIEW: OttOmobile Scirocco GTX KAMEI

The latest model to join the fold is the OttOmobile Scirocco GTX KAMEI edition.  If you’re unaware, KAMEI has been an aftermarket tuner for Volkswagen for a long as I can remember, and is still in existence today.  KAMEI relationship extends beyond the Scirocco platform,  their legendary kit nicknamed the “BBS” for the Mark I Golf is still highly sought after by collectors after 25 plus years.  So how the does the OttOmobile limited edition Scirocco replica measure up?


It’s not a secret that quality control issues have plagued some models from OttOmobile in the past, I’m happy to report that the Scirocco GTX KAMEI is 100% issue free.  Well it passed my OCD test.  The exterior lines along with the KAMEI body flow well.  Aside from the unique body kit, I would say the exterior metallic green/greyish paint was a strong attraction point for me. Paint flows well against the Scirocco body lines (lighting was very good this fall morning).  Out of 350+ models I have today, none remotely come close.  And as you and I collectors can appreciate exterior paint options outside the norm – black, white, and red – it is welcomed.



Front fascia features solid grilles, typical of resin models, though the details on the headlights are executed nicely.  The rear is much the same.  The talking point here is the beautifully executed Scirocco banner across the rear glass.  I love it!  Also notice the rear toe-hook.  Great attention to detail!


Wheels are true to form as per period.  OttOmobile did a great job replicating the 14″ stockers.  Detail behind the OEM wheel includes caliper and rotor.


vw_sciroccokamei7 vw_sciroccokamei14

As you know, OttOmobile is a sealed resin brand, so I can only comment on the interior detail bits as seen through the exterior glass.  In typical OttOmobile fashion, all major bits are found and true to the original, execution is slightly above average for this price point model.  Though a little refinement would be appreciated in spots, they seem to capture the essence of the era.  Got to love those retro seats!


vw_sciroccokamei17 vw_sciroccokamei18

The undercarriage is crude and typical for a resin model.  There is some resemblance of engine bits, exhaust, and spare tire storage, along with numbering of 351/999.

Unless you’re a fan of Volkswagen and various models within their assortment, this model wouldn’t be on your hit list.  Overall execution is wonderful, a good time piece for the Volkswagen brand.  OttOmobile’s decision to move forward with KAMEI body and awesome exterior colour for the Scirocco platform if definitely a good one!  Enjoy the pics!

vw_sciroccokamei6 vw_sciroccokamei8 vw_sciroccokamei9

vw_sciroccokamei10 vw_sciroccokamei11 vw_sciroccokamei13



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