REVIEW: OttOmobile Volkswagen Golf W12-650 •

REVIEW: OttOmobile Volkswagen Golf W12-650

If I had a wish list of cars I wanted to be produced the 1:18 Volkswagen Golf W12-650 Concept would be in the top ten!  So you could imagine the excitement when the model was announced by OttOmobile late in 2012, something along the lines as happy as a pig in shit :)  The wait is over, the model arrived this week.  The best part no issue with the model at all, yippee!  Some of you are probably saying was the hell is a Golf W12; well I’m going to tell you.  The car was commissioned in 2007 by Volkswagen/Audi group Europe for one of the biggest gatherings of VAG automobiles in the world Wörthersee.  The car features twin turbos mounted to a Volkswagen W12 power plant producing more than 640 horsepower.  The genius, the motor is mounted inside the rear compartment usually reserved for rear seats.  I consider it the ultimate Golf.


volkswagen_w1217  volkswagen_w1220

The car sits very low, an aggressive stance for this well-deserving Golf.  The body lines, panel gaps, and shutlines are very good and live up to the 1:1.  This is usually the case for sealed resin models.  The exterior paint is rich, smooth and flawless throughout.  If you don’t know the Golf W12 was built on an MK5 platform, the bottom half of the car and front and rear bumpers are considerably wider to accommodate the increased drive train footprint.  Thumbs up to OttOmobile for capturing these visual elements extremely well.

volkswagen_w123  volkswagen_w1214


If I had to point out a few minor issues they would include the solid front and rear grilles and the suspect carbon fibre work.  It could have used a little more finesse in spots and the chosen weave just doesn’t add the level of realism I like.  Again these are very minor issues when looking at the total package, especially at a $58 price point.



The wheels are perfect in my opinion!  They fit nicely under the exaggerated fenders.  The braking components feature metal rotors and HUGE calipers painted in red.   I love the addition of the rear parking brake secondary caliper as well – see the above photo.


The unique thing about this Golf is the massive W12 power plant mounted inside the interior area.  My photos don’t do the model justice, but you can see the monster in its full glory with the dual cooling fans housed in a beautiful carbon fibre shroud.


volkswagen_w1211  volkswagen_w1212

The upper section of the interior features lively colours and fabrics well suited for a concept vehicle.  The addition of the upper dash gauge panel was a cool touch too.  Overall I have no complaints here; OttOmobile did a fantastic job replicating the interior.  I wish I could enjoy it more but atlas, the doors and bonnet don’t open.


First I want to thank OttOmobile for producing this ultimate Golf.  A holy grail to me that now is displayed in my collection with a smile.  I know the car won’t appeal to too many outside the Volkswagen fan club, but if you’re a concept car collector this one is a must!  I’m also going out on a limb and stating this car will increase its value every year it ages.  Also to prove how much I was fascinated with this car I commissioned a custom mouse pad featuring a popular image of the 1:1 back in the day.  Get one ladies and gentlemen before they’re all gone!  Enjoy the pics!

volkswagen_w126 volkswagen_w127 volkswagen_w1210

volkswagen_w1213 volkswagen_w1215 volkswagen_w1216

volkswagen_w1218 volkswagen_w1219 volkswagen_w1222

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  1. Playcars says:

    Congrats for the new addition and review. Must be great looking in real.

    • DS Team says:

      Thanks. I haven’t seen the car in person yet, maybe one day when I plan my Germany trip the car will be found at the Volkswagen headquarters .

  2. DG Diecast says:

    We agree with you, the model is stunning. We have been to some shows recently displaying the models we have in stock and the interest in the VW Golf is amazing.

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