REVIEW: Pop Race Singer DLS •

REVIEW: Pop Race Singer DLS

The Singer brand may not be the true representation of Porsche to the Porsche purists, but if any owner of a Porsche is willing to hand over the keys to Singer, the transformation of this aging German benchmark would prove utterly fantastic results.  Their DLS offering is one example, defined as Dynamics and Lightweighting Study is pushing their brand to the limits.  Accomplishing things that Porsche just imagined during the 964 era; the results are inspiring in technique and style.  This isn’t just RWB output of fenders, stance and spoilers, no, this is a completely revamped model from the ground up.  Does all this arrangement prove to be possibly the best Porsche/Singer ever?  We think so!

Thank you to Pop Race for providing the team with a sample of one of their latest releases, this is their version of the 1:18 scale, resin and sealed Singer DLS in Oak Green Metallic.  Retail is around $280 US / about $379 CND.  The model offers up some surprising details and high-end packaging.  Read on to discover all about the Pop Race Singer DLS.

Since this is our first look at the Pop Race model in depth, we like to start with the packaging and accessories.  This is where Pop Race definitely excels and invested a considerable amount of $$ in the model. The exterior and interior packaging if we’re honest is nearly identical to that of BBR’s presentation, so you know it’s going to be good!  In addition to the outer box, felt wrap, leather base and cover Pop Race provides a set of decals.  What’s included are three Porsche decals, which we imagine are for the sides and rear, just under the duckbill spoiler.  And one Porsche emblem to be fitted on the front bonnet.  We appreciate the option here.

Moving to the exterior side, kudos to Pop Race for getting the overall shape and design of the Porsche Singer right.   We value the use of carbon fibre on nearly all the lower aero parts, but more on that later…

One thing we need to mention, and possibly a first for sealed resin, well as far as we’ve seen, the front, sides (with intakes) and rear windows are executed with thicker more ridged pieces of plastic, typically reserved for the traditional all-opening replicas.  This will definitely play in favour of those who have dealt with resin and sealed examples window methods play havoc on the long-term presentation and look of our valuable collections. Even out of the box of a newly unpacked model windows have arrived un-glued.  The results with the Pop Race option are excellent!  This is something we wish all model manufacturers of the sealed variety would adopt!

The exterior paintwork is definitely on point.  The results on our example are consistent throughout with the Green paint option working well with the Porsche/Singer lines.  Shutlines and panel gaps aren’t an issue, as this model is fully sealed – good marks to Pop Race for defining the lines and separation points of the various panels and related.  Also, chrome elements are well done, and items such as fuel and oil caps do provide applicable labels.

The front is where the model starts to show some of its sins, that being the solid plastic bits used for the lower cooling.  The upper signal and cooling/aero ducts are nicely executed and so are the headlights.  Well, the outer layer is on point.  When looking closely at the inter-parts, a slightly too small primary light and perimeter ring are not truly representative of the original.

The rear section does provide the carbon fibre elements (lower side) and the piece de resistance is the perforated grille exposing the exhaust work – one of our favourite elements of the model.  The 3D-printed exhaust tips are nicely translated as well.

On the flip side, missing is the venting in the taillights on the outer edge.  And as we move upwards one will notice the matt finish on the cooling, this should be executed with carbon fibre, though this bespoke car could be ordered without.  Also, a minor callout to the positioning on the backside of the duckbill spoiler.  This grille should pitch more with the body line and for the price, it should have been crafted with perforated metal, not solid plastic.  Though we will give kudos to Pop Race for providing the applicable Singer badge.

Wheels are a very important piece of a sealed model, and Pop Race executes well here!  With the exception of no tire badging, the wheels are a close second to our favourite aspect of the model.  Gold calipers with Brembo labels are checked, cross-drilled rotors are checked, and air values are checked!  Overall fit and finish are well above average in our opinion.  Note the driver-side wheels are finished in Red and the opposite in Silver.

At first glance, the interior does gain your attention.  As Chris Harris stated this is “Singer porn”!  What Pop Race provides overall does lack the finish and layers one would expect to see with a sealed offering.  Especially at $100 more than a GT Spirit example.  With the exception of the air intake piece (soundbar-looking – stellar execution!) bits that are covered in carbon fibre, the interior shows little creativity and lacks inspiration.

Singer interiors are near Pagani level and if we’re honest we don’t see this translated here.  For example, the dashboard is a simple one-dimensional piece defined in Black/Purple.  The lack of button labels, no painting of venting and related and simple stickers for dials are surely misrepresentative of the original.  Even the shifter and surrounding bits lack definition.  And no flocking or seatbelts or any kind are provided.  The results are lacking for sure.

The Pop Race Singer DLS is a roller coaster of hot and cold, the model does surpass expectations on some levels and then backtracks on others.  As a static piece, the model does look stellar, though on closer inspection the misses are quite evident.  You need to decide where you live on the overall effort, in short, is the good out weighting the bad?

Pop Race level of presentation/packaging is some of the best we’ve seen (BBR level).  If we could offer some advice, take away from this and invest in the interior side.  All this filler or added content in most cases once on packed is reserved for the closet or basement.  We’ve addressed this many times over the years, sealed models should excel on three basic levels, which are overall accuracy on the exterior lines, wheels and interiors.  THIS IS A MUST for all.  Enjoy the pics!

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13 Responses to "REVIEW: Pop Race Singer DLS"

  1. Andrew says:

    Pop race definitely at the bottom of the pile. T+P and make up are as good as it gets. I have them all so can comment. Positive however for pop race is the price point meaning everyone has a chance at a singer …. but for me save a little longer and get the make up.

    • DS Team says:

      Yes, the higher-priced models definitely execute the interiors on another level but at what cost? Now, if this is the “must-have” centre piece, maybe the $$ is justified. On this side of the pond, those brands are at 3-4 times as much. How would you say they compare? Also, do either of them use the thicker glass/plastic for windows?

    • Porsche993 says:

      One thing that I noticed is that the duck tail looks a bit thin and incorrectly-shaped compared to the real car. With the prices being charged these companies oughta invest in a 3D scanner/software instead of eyeballing or stealing 3D models off the Internet.

      • DS Team says:

        Possibly, thanks.

        “stealing 3D models”

        Really? this is a thing??

        • Porsche993 says:

          Possibly. If you know where to look you’ll find them. Lots of amateur modelers make their models available for download out there. There are also those who extract them from games like Gran Turismo or Forza but those are fairly accurate models as they are officially-licensed by manufacturers to video game makers.

  2. TgrClw says:

    Interior is disappointing :-(

    • DS Team says:

      Yes, very. We’ve connected with Pop Race, they seem very receptive to our comments and committed to making their products better. Let’s hope this actually does materialize sooner rather than later.

  3. Kostas says:

    Yesterday I received my Pop Race Singer DLS in purple, which in my opinion is the best colourway from all the available options that Pop Race offers. Now that I can see the model car up close, I can say that this review is 100% spot on, as I totally agree with all the pros and cons that have been mentioned. Yes the Pop Race Singer DLS is indeed a roller coaster of hot and cold and in my case I chose to get it, as I wanted a DLS that would not brake the bank in terms of budget, but on the other hand would also have a very nice and realistic presence and also very good looks. The rims are trully gorgeous!

    Yes the Pop Race DLS is not at the top of the DLS pyramid in terms of overall details, especially the interior, but when I saw it first time up close I liked it a lot, more than I thought I would. It looks great and also has a great shelf presence. The packaging is indeed very nice and has a luxurius presence and the tan leather base compliments the DLS, especially the purple one, as it makes a very nice colour contrast.

    My choice of getting the DLS in purple was based on the very nice colourway inside and out, because it provides it with an ideal colour contrast. Moreover in my opinion this colourway makes the Pop Race DLS a little bit more elegant and expensive, from all the other available colour options. My 2 cents.. Last but not least, a small advice to anyone that will also get the Pop Race DLS. Please do place the given Porsche decals and emblem to the model car, as they “upgrade” it significantly. Not only because obviously the real car has them, but also because the “before and after” effect is miles apart. In this case I really think that Pop Race should had them on from the get go. I really do not know why they give the decals in a plastic bag as an option.. Cost savings maybe?!.. I really cannot think of any other logical reason..

    Thats all my thoughts and opinion for the Pop Race Singer DLS and I am very glad to add it to my collection. Perhaps in the future I will also go for the Make Up one, as a more premium choice, but for now I am more than happy with my beautiful purple DLS.

    • DS Team says:

      Glad to hear we could help. And thanks for posting your insights on the model overall.

      • Kostas says:

        As an update to my above comment, 10 months after my Pop Race Singer DLS impressions and after a very very long search, I finally got the more premium DLS from Make Up! It arrived yesterday and I am very happy that I finally received it! I was extremely lucky to get it from a private reseller from Europe (no nasty import taxes) and in a very nice price that was not stratospheric.. It is brand new and in the gorgeous and rare Oak Green Metallic from the 2021 Goodwood debut!

        It is absolutely gorgeous inside and out, a true eye candy, the interior is full of details that Pop Race missed and the paint job is absolutely stunning and on a par with Autoart’s finest examples. Moreover by looking the 2 models side by side, I can say that Make Up has got the overall shape and details of the DLS 100% correctly, while Pop Race has got it 95% correctly. The main difference for me is that Pop Race’s DLS is a little bit smaller in length, in terms of proportions. It seems that seeing it from the side, it has a smaller front and back end, like it has been squeezed lightly. Moreover the front turn signals in the Pop Race DLS are a little bit bigger than they should.

        To sum it up, I stand to my original impressions and comments regarding the Pop Race DLS and I think that taking always in mind the huge price difference, I can recommend it to anyone as a very decent and VFM Singer DLS version that won’t brake the bank and can be purchased by many collectors. On the other hand, if someone wants absolute perfection inside and out, than Make Up’s DLS is the only choice. More expensive for sure, but in this case the phrase, you get what you pay for, is 100% valid.

        That’s my 2 cents regarding the 2 model cars and now I am going back again to my Make Up DLS, to check it out one more time. More like a stare contest actually.. :))

        • DS Team says:

          Thanks for the insight. You sure get what you pay for but is the delta worth it? To some yes and to others no. MU, personally will never see a $ from the immediate team. So, hopes are high AR will action Singer cars in the future based on their success with Ruf!

          • Kostas says:

            Well it depends. If we are talking about the stratospheric Ebay prices from private resellers nowadays, than surely no, I agree with you. But if someone catches an MU with a price tag equal to its original price 2 years ago, than yes. A much smaller delta, like the one that I payed. In my case I was very lucky to get it at a normal price, I guess I was at the right place at the right time..

            Let’s hope that AR will get a Singer DLS license! It is a very nice manufacturer that produces gorgeous and very well made model cars. At the end of the day, more manufacturers means more options and obviously in this case prices are much more reasonable.

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