REVIEW: Schuco Porsche 911 (991) Carrera GTS Coupe and Cabriolet •

REVIEW: Schuco Porsche 911 (991) Carrera GTS Coupe and Cabriolet

There has been one brand that remains true to their guns for as long as I can remember.  This brand has been associated with diecast for generations, some of their earlier offerings are priceless today, and the brand I’m talking about is Schuco.  Earlier this year Schuco created some serious buzz at the 2016 German Toy Fair.  They debuted some beautiful models for 2016, some of which included the modern 1:18, diecast replicas from the Porsche marque.  The biggest noisemaker by far has to be the Porsche Cayman GT4.  I don’t have the GT4 today (hopefully very soon), but I do have the 911 (991) Carrera GTS Coupe and Cabriolet to share.

Both these models are from Schuco’s Edition 1:18 series.  They are fully diecast with opening parts with a few unexpected bonuses.  Since this review will highlight both Coupe and Cabriolet I will be switching gears between both models, so please bear with me.



Out of the box, you know you have something special, something I haven’t seen or felt in the longest time with all the resin and composite models I’ve been reviewing as of late.  Remember this when reading the review and when you compare what Schuco presents here to other brands.  Both these models cost me $113CND each before shipping, yes $113, that is not a typo!  First off, the model has some serious weight.  Yes, it’s stupid of me to associate this with quality, but in this case, it is.



The exterior lines and overall shape of both pieces are captured well by Schuco.  Shutlines and panel gaps are very good; the photos will strongly highlight these areas.  Paint is nice for the most part, but my Red Coupe has a little haze look under strong light – mostly at the roof and front hood areas.  The ride stance of each piece sits well, a perfect compromise of sport and street.


One of the cool details I wasn’t even aware of before I purchased the model was the ability to open the gas gap.  At $113CND that is going well above and beyond.  It isn’t easy to notice or open, but once you get the hang of it the operation and shut line are flawless.


The 911 GTS Cabriolet comes equipped with a removable roof.  It is a solid piece that succeeds in capturing the texture of a real rag-top.  Installation is easy and fit and finish is very good.



The front of the Porsches features no perforated grilles, though side indicators and headlights are nicely executed with above-average materials.  The storage area features full carpeting and strut support left and right.  Again the attention to detail is excellent based on price!  Well done Schuco!!



The rear fit and finish are top-notch too.  The upper cooling grille is perforated and Schuco successfully integrated the third braking light without compromise.  The engine compartment is accessible and the rear wing is moveable too, both elements operate without issue. Note the engine compartment is only accessible on the Coupe version.


From the top, there isn’t much to see what powers the 911 GTS, flip the models over and you are treated to nicely detailed motor/exhaust components.  The remainder is bare with the exception of some suspension workings.  Well done Schuco!



Both of the 911’s here come with Black painted wheels.  Not my first choice, but I have to admit it works on both Coupe and Cabrio.  Another unexpected surprise is fully working, spring-loaded suspension.  The entire wheel and brake package are top-notch – this includes the rim, rotors and calipers.  A nicely crafted Porsche logo centers all four corners.

My models didn’t come without issues, one issue, in particular, was the Coupe’s rotor (driver side) came loose.  I assume this happened during transport.  Easy fix, the wheels come right off the hub by pulling forward.  Once removed it was easy for me to apply some glue and centre to perfection.  Also, the Cabriolet has a minor scratch on the tire; I’m currently sourcing a replacement from the retailer/manufacturer.



Inside both models are beautifully appointed, attention to detail can be found in the fine painted bits and type of materials used.  What I’m trying to say is the models don’t look cheap!  Schuco even used chrome instead of silver around the door opening handles.  There is full carpeting throughout and fabric seat-belts front and rear (coupe only).  The bonus items aren’t complete yet, the seats on both models are functional, they move forward to allow access to the rear.  Well done Schuco!


I must say I’m extremely impressed with these two models from Schuco.  Both exceeded expectations on so many levels.  What is so surprising is what they offer for $113CND.  Absolutely incredible!  AUTOart, Minichamps and others, if you are reading this you should learn and evaluate how you process models to market.  Why are you so expensive?  I want to personally thank Schuco for carrying the torch forward.  WHO SAID DIECAST IS DEAD!?!  IT IS ALIVE AND WELL FOLKS!!  These are two gems I’m proud to have in my collection.  Without hesitation the 911 (991) Carrera GTS in Coupe and Cabriolet platform come highly recommended,  I for one am looking forward to the upcoming Porsche Targa and Cayman GT4.  Enjoy the pics!

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porsche_991gtsc12 porsche_991gtsc14 porsche_991gtsc17

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porsche_991gtsr6 porsche_991gtsr7 porsche_991gtsr8

porsche_991gtsr9 porsche_991gtsr10 porsche_991gtsr11

porsche_991gtsr12 porsche_991gtsr13 porsche_991gtsr15

porsche_991gtsr16 porsche_991gtsr17 porsche_991gtsr18

porsche_991gtsr19 porsche_991gtsr22 porsche_991gtsr23


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22 Responses to "REVIEW: Schuco Porsche 911 (991) Carrera GTS Coupe and Cabriolet"

  1. Jon says:

    Where do you order Schuco from in Canada? I have always got them from CK.

    • DS Team says:

      I usually group buy from one of our European sponsors – CK, Modelissimo, and now There is no VAT and an additional 10% off to DS members!

  2. David says:

    Great review.
    Too bad, the oversized wheels ruin the whole package in my opinion. It gives a toyish/DUB Sytle appearance to the model.
    To fix it, I would slap Minichamps’ wheels on it to make it looks perfect.

    I’m glad the Cayman GT4 won’t be affected.

    • DS Team says:

      To each their own. I personally like the the larger diameter wheels. Larger is always safer in the end. Also I believe it appeals to a larger audience too.

  3. edib says:

    I think they did an amazing job, minichamps kinda drop the ball with their 991 cabrio. i bought the yellow one which has carpet interior which is a change from recent releases but no access in the rear at all.

    so Schuco is doing great!!! i can’t wait for the GT4

  4. Chris says:

    It is the front wheel diameter that actually seems bigger than it should be. But given the price and the staggering amount of details this is clearly a must have. Good job, Schuco!

  5. slartibartfast229 says:

    This proves that if Schuco can do it, everyone can. Sealed resin is OK by me so long as the price reflects the difference to fully open quality as seen here. I suspect companies such as Otto and GTS can take risks on more esoteric subjects because of the lower assembly costs. While I don’t have any interest in these subjects, I would be happy to buy Schuco when they produce an item which does interest me……

  6. John says:

    Those wheels look ginormous!

  7. c11 says:

    I hope they would also do a 1:18 991 GT3 RS and 991 turbo in the future as I do not want to spend a lot of money in resins(aka. plastic) that doesn’t have opening parts, anyways I want to buy the coupe version as I can view the engine components.

  8. Patrick T. says:

    They look fantastic!

  9. Ole Andre says:

    Thank you for a great review. I was not sure if i wanted to by the coupe after the first pictures i saw. But now after seen your pictures up close i will by the coupe. Its a really nice looking car. Thanks once again for a great review, and for changing my mind:)

  10. edib says:

    I ended up getting both, Schuco is awesome for this quality and detail in diecast!!
    keep it up,

  11. Ole Andre says:

    Good news today. The Porsche Cayman and Porsche Targa came is out now.
    The Cayman in black and Racing Yellow, and the Targa in Blue.
    They look great and i will by the Cayman in Racing Yellow.

  12. BT says:

    Wow $113CND… it’s over $240CND locally =(

  13. Johan Theron says:

    Will I be able to order the Porsche Carrera GTS Coupe in white and if so what will the price be?

  14. Mayank says:

    Hi! This is a special thanks to the author for bringing this brilliant product to light and for writing this detailed review to it.

    I’m from India and couldn’t find this model anywhere except US/Canada, EU. But I got so intrigued that I imported one from Frankfurt paying very steeply. I just received the 911 few minutes back, opened it and fell in love.

    You’ve made my birthday better. (btw I’m 28, perfectly sane and had never bought anything above a Bburago/Maisto)

    Thank you to you and DS!

  15. Vitaliy D says:

    As mentioned here, the wheels are too big indeed:
    I inspected the pictures and the videos of this model, and the wheels are a complete disaster to me. Which is very sad because this scale model seems to be the only one 1:18 street version of a modern Porsche 911 that might be worth buying due to its features and colors. (I don’t consider closed versions, neither from resin nor from metal. Closed versions are good in 1:43).
    So let’s hope that either Schuco will re-release this model with corrected wheels (actually I like the wheels of Schuco’s resin version much more) or maybe Almost Real will produce some modern street version of Porsche 911 (not these GT2 or GT3 that overflowed the market).

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