REVIEW: Solido Alpine A110 Première Edition •

REVIEW: Solido Alpine A110 Première Edition

This week we have a pair of 1:18 Alpine A110’s to share.  This is not the standard edition car, but the A110 Première Edition, which provides the end user enhanced overall driving experience via weight saving, horsepower and exterior and interior visual grades.  It is a limited edition model from Alpine with only 1955 allocated for production.

Both these models are now available from Solido.  The two colours are defined as Abyss Blue and Iridescent White, though Alpine defines the available colour options as Alpine Blue, Deep Black and Solar White.  Suggested retail is about $68CND a piece.  This isn’t too shabby based on the diecast metal exterior with access to the interior, though the rest of the model remains sealed.

From what we gather both examples are identical, the only difference between the two is the exterior colour and the matching exterior colour on the inside door cards.  If we had to choose one, Blue would get the nod.  Paintwork is very good; each displays a metal flake within the base colour.  There is consistent application found on each with minimal orange peel effect.  Exterior mirrors are shipped independent of the body and require installation.  The setup here was a breeze.

Overall body lines mirror the original design for the most part.  The downside to the entry-level or budget models are usually the finer details, A110 Première Edition does suffer from larger panel gaps and slightly inconsistent shutlines between the two models.

The front displays four lights.  The definition of each lighting item is decent at best.  Also the fitment or should we say the refinement of the headlight lens could be slightly cleaner around the perimeter.  The lower grille is solid but displays nice, clean definition throughout.

The rear is much like the front.  Taillight definition is once again decent.  Lower valence and integrated centre exhaust are executed well.  No access to the motor here, however, we do like the Alpine logo on the cover.

One of the exterior elements that define the A110 Première Edition is the wheels.  Solido’s execution is decent for the most part.  Solid rotors and Blue calipers are in check, the two-tone paintwork on the wheels is a little rough around the edges.

Inside the interior of the A110 Première Edition is likely one of the best we’ve seen from Solido to date.  All areas on the interior are defined – the team even includes carbon fibre elements throughout and the doors cards are painted to match the exterior colour.  What you don’t receive are the creature comforts, carpeting, seat belts, and the plush/refined look of the original car.  Nonetheless, for a budget piece, it is well done!

Solido once again hits the mark on affordable scale model collecting with their effort on the Alpine A110 Première Edition.  Each colour does display well, you just need to choose your poison.  Overall execution is good, and the interior does excel.  Anyone looking for an entry-level model with good bones the A110 Première Edition from Solido should be given some serious consideration.  Enjoy the pics!


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2 Responses to "REVIEW: Solido Alpine A110 Première Edition"

  1. Atalante says:

    Pretty good for the price. But in terms of refinement I still prefer my OTTO version even if there is no access to the inside.

  2. Nero says:

    Fantastic for the price, hope they make the Megane Rs..

    I usually get Cars at the Minichamps-autoart price Range and I’m looking forward to get this Alpine, the mini And the M3.

    It’s a pity no news from their Magnum truck

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