REVIEW: Solido McLaren 600LT •

REVIEW: Solido McLaren 600LT

It’s nice to see budget model brands producing some exotic cars for collectors that enter this hobby, and today I will review just that – a Solido McLaren 600LT. We know that LCD and AUTIart are offering this model in more immeasurable detail but those ones are at 3-4 times the price.  So let’s see how this Solido example measures up!

The model comes in the usual Solido box with mirrors not attached to the model, but separate in a little plastic bag therefore some assembly is required. You will have to glue the mirrors on and I suggest you do that right away. The holes where the mirrors should go into on the doors are a little too big so unless they are glued, will not stay in place and with any slight movement fall and potentially get lost. In my opinion, I believe Solido should have done better with the fit.

Now that I got the mirrors dilemma out of the way let’s look at the model overall. I think overall the model looks well but its budget-friendly price is definitely evident.  Personally, I believe they did a better job on other models such as BMW E30 M3 or the Dodge Challenger.  I’ve yet to mention this replica is made from die-cast with opening doors providing the only access to internal bits.  Each door does stay in the open position, but if honest the feeling is clearly budget – there is only one hinge per door. I feel like over time with frequent opening and closing they may loosen up.

Having both the orange and this metallic purple in hand, I decided to photograph the purple one as it is out of the typical McLaren orange. I need to note, my camera makes the colour look bluer, but it is indeed purple metallic. The picture showing the most purple would be the closest representation to the actual colour in flesh. So how is the paint execution on this McLaren 600LT? Well, definitely not Solido’s best effort. There is some paint overspray evident on the back where silver paint around the lights spills over on top of the purple – Solido has done better on other models in their assortment.

Moving on to the wheels – rims and tires are acceptable for a budget model and it is nice to see tire branding and tire size on the sidewalls.  It is worth noting that some models twice the price don’t even attempt to add this later of detail, well done Solido!  Brakes and brake calipers are fairly replicated as well. The side aero skirts are texturized plastic to simulate carbon – as for overall look, okay at best. Other parts such as aero fins, front and read diffusers are just painted in silver.

The rear spoiler has some textured plastic again to simulate carbon fibre. The engine cover looks good for a budget model but as expected for a model at this price range no real perforated mesh is found. The exhausts are decent, but the inner black pipes are not equally aligned.

Moving onto the interior – it’s finished in black plastic with some silver bits around the vents and around the center console…  nothing excessive and on par with the budget price. Gaps on the door shut lines are large which is usually expected on a budget model. Lastly, nice to see the 600LT badge on the side of the interior lower tub enclosure.

Overall, I think this is just that, adequate, and one that can be fetched for a very reasonable price. It will display reasonably well from far, but I do feel Solido has done better with other models, specifically the BMW E30 M3 and Dodge Challenger to name a few.  If you know someone that is itching to get their feet wet in the hobby of scale model car collecting, Solido is a great starting point without hesitation.

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8 Responses to "REVIEW: Solido McLaren 600LT"

  1. DS Team says:

    Hey Luk, thanks for stepping up again! Neat colour on this budget-friendly McLaren. The Orange isn’t too shabby either.

  2. Steven Weiner says:

    You remarked that the doors on your model of this car stay up when opened. Because I was considering buying this car, I recently e-mailed both the large vendor I buy many cars from and Solido itself, and BOTH said that the doors would NOT stay up when opened! Solido had that problem with their McLaren F1 GTR Short Tail models, too. I have therefore decided to not buy this McLaren 600LT.

  3. InTheFastLane says:

    Yes, the doors stay up on my example as seen in my pictures, but I do feel that with frequent opening and closing may become loose over time.

    • DS Team says:

      Agreed. I actually broke a few hinged doors on other Solido examples trying to keep them open. Unfortunately, at this price point, this is one of cons, you definitely need to be careful.

  4. TgrClw says:

    Decent or very good for the money, but definitely lacks the polish of AA or LCD.

    • DS Team says:

      Absolutely, Solido’s goal is ultimate domination of the budget model in the 1:18 scale variety. And they are doing it. Great selection and no shortages of new releases, and coming at a superior pace!

      • Steven Weiner says:

        I wish Solido’s models would have full opening, though (not just the doors)! I have heard that they are planning to come out with a more detailed line of cars next year, though. I hope that’s true.

        • DS Team says:

          It is true, read the news feedback. The target date was 2022, but we doubt this will likely happen, though crossing fingers it does. It will definitely be an added cost to produce and overall retail will likely double.

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