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Pocher 1:8 Lotus 72D, Project in Motion!

Pocher is tempting the wallet with an update on their coming 1:8 Lotus 72D kit.  These early test fitting images provide an early look at the completed project, results are more than decent thus far.  The team does state improvements, adjustments, tweaks to wings, angles, suspension and more will be addressed before the final assignment is put in motion for production.

Product# HK114 

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2 Responses to "Pocher 1:8 Lotus 72D, Project in Motion!"

  1. Darren Keady says:

    I already have this on pre order and this is going to be a Awesome build. Looking forward to seeing this grow from parts, i love it.

    • DS Team says:

      You’ll have a blast. From experience lots of fun too! Pocher wins in terms of providing the end-user with the complete kit. Die-cast Club/Eaglemoss however, is quite different from what we learned. Plus they have some serious supply chain issues. Post pics when complete!

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