REVIEW: Solido Renault MAXI 5 Turbo - 1986 P.Thomasse •

REVIEW: Solido Renault MAXI 5 Turbo – 1986 P.Thomasse

Solido is a brand that’s been around the hobby for a number of years.  I’ve had a few models in my collection, not many, though I have some first hand experience.  Exactly two replicas have lived within my collection over the years, the Volkswagen Golf GTI MKI and the Peugeot RC Carreau Concept, which I still have in my collection to this very day.  The brand was recently given a resurrection of sorts by the owners of GT Spirit/OttOmobile.  Today I present the 1:18 Renault MAXI 5 Turbo – 1986 P.Thomasse Rally car.



Let me preface the review for some, Solido is a budget conscious brand.  The average ticket for one of their models starts roughly at $40CND.  The Renault MAXI 5 is slightly higher; it is priced at around $60CND mark.

The exterior lines of the MAXI 5 Turbo definitely capture the essence of the original car.  Shutlines and panel gaps are very good for a budget brand.  The paint, on the other hand, gets a passing grade at best.  Decal work is good, but some areas of my sample model were already flaking near the door ends.  All duct and cooling and inlets around the model are painted without definition, a common theme for a budget model no less.


The front of the MAXI 5 Turbo is very aggressive; no less than eight spotlights are visible.  Props to the team for adding some depth to each, they even added a yellow hue to the primary beams in centre.  As expected are grille work except the top hood cooling are solid bits of plastic.  There is not access to the front storage either, it is sealed closed.


The rear is much like the front, cooling ducts are all solid bits.  I did like the attention to detail in the top rear spoiler; rivets add definition.


If you’re not familiar with the rally legend of the MAXI 5 Turbo, the motor is found in the rear.  The hatch does open to reveal the power plant and spare tire, though definition is very sparse and materials have that all too plasticky look.  I will give Solido this, they did include some wire work and strap to hold down the spare.


The wheels are nicely executed, paint is completed in white (same as exterior) and feature Speedline logos.  The buck stops here, there is no further definition of the braking components on front or rear.



Access to the interior is available as both doors are accessible.  All the basic elements are captured, dash, roll cage, and racing seats with harness.  Though the materials are chunky and once again we’re overwhelmed with the plastic looking texture.  Also the steering wheel seems a little overly large and is touching the front seat.


It is no secret that we’re not dealing with a precision model.  Yes, some of their methods are crude and dated, but as explained this is a entry level, budget brand.  Solido’s immediate competition is Bburago (their entry level product) for sure.  Solido’s main target audience is the young, low income, new enthusiast to the hobby that is looking to get their feet wet and a piece of history without breaking the bank.   And that they succeeded in doing.  I will be looking at their 1:18 Renault 4 Gendarmerie in the near future.  Enjoy the pics!

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renault_maxi5turbopt4 renault_maxi5turbopt5 renault_maxi5turbopt6

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