REVIEW: Solido Volkswagen Caddy MK1 Custom •

REVIEW: Solido Volkswagen Caddy MK1 Custom

Solido strikes again with another unique model – the 1982 MK1 Volkswagen Caddy custom. There are a few paint options available ranging from green, white, gray and this shiny dark red which I personally like the most. When picking yours, pay attention to the rims as different colours are specked with different rims. It is always nice to have a selection!

This model comes in the usual Solido box with a clear display at the front and sides. This VW Caddy is made of a good old die-cast and features opening doors. The paint application is very good and consistent throughout showing all the necessary creases. I do like the grey and black stripe on the sides. In my opinion, it shows really well against the dark red glassy paint. Originally I thought white looked great but after seeing this colour in person I think this one is a winner for me.

All the light lenses are replicated reasonably well and on par for a budget model. They are all separate plastic pieces. The front lenses are clear and the rear adds some orange and red. I do appreciate the silver outline around the front grill as it breaks the black and red colours well. The back tailgate is fixed with the handle and VOLKSWAGEN both painted in black – again it contrasts well against the dark red shiny paint. The rear bed is painted matching the colour of the car and continues the glossy look. Towing hooks are present both in the front and the back of the car. The Caddy license plate is car show ready!

Looking at the side I have to point out the vertical mirrors. They give this little pickup the impression of a big truck. Taking a quick look online, I found some images of both regular and vertical mirrors. I am glad Solido chose vertical ones as it adds to the uniqueness of the car. Door windows and rain grooves are outlined in black paint. My only complaint is the passenger side window is not mounted flush to the door frame. It creates an uneven gap at the top – a little disappointing. Inside of the door is all black – nothing fancy here.

This dark red example comes with attractive silver and black wheels. I think five-star rims were a popular choice at the time as even Ferrari had them. Rim mounting screws are present and painted in silver. Tire tread is replicated however tire branding is not and this seems to be consistent across the Solido range. The spare tire rim, its bracket and exhaust are detailed in silver which is a pleasant surprise. I would say this is done better than by some resin manufacturers.

Looking inside, there is a lot of black plastic and no carpeting is present. This is a budget model and this type of finish is expected. Gauges are the only pieces that add some colour. I like the black interior as it contrasts very well with the exterior colour.

Overall I think this is a very reasonable budget model with a great paint and spec combination choice. This is my personal favourite out of all the available versions of the mk1 VW Caddy Solido is offering. Solido continues to do what it does best – they give us models at a budget price. This is very important if we want new collectors in this hobby.

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  1. DS Team says:

    Thanks again, Luk! Lovely pics and writeup on this budget-friendly brand! I’ve personally owned one of the originals as a VW truck is a must for collections of Volkswagen cars in general.

  2. kitefighter says:

    I really like this model! No idea why.

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