REVIEW: KengFai Audi RS7 Sportback •

REVIEW: KengFai Audi RS7 Sportback

The last few years have been a good one for fans of Audi cars, specifically those badged as RS! The Audi RS6 Avant has been a hot topic with a few brands, KiloWorks, KengFai and ST Well helping the cause with their C7 and C8 platforms.  And Audi is also helping with the recently released “Performance” versions of the RS6 Avant and RS7 Sportback.  In short, it’s a good time in scale for Audi fans!

The review here will focus on the latest generation of the Audi RS7 Sportback by KengFai, a China-based manufacturer.  This model features a laundry list of details and unique features that once upon a time was second nature in the hobby.  Unfortunately, not so much today…

Out of the box, the brilliant Red paint is sharp and attractive.  We believe RS cars look best in Red, though KengFai does provide other options here if you’re curious.  This is a diecast metal exterior and full 360 access and then some replica.  Read on for more on the then some…  And those that equate quality with weight won’t be disappointed either, this example weighs a ton!  The panel gaps and shutlines are incredibly good, even the rear functional spoiler opens and closes to a more than acceptable tolerance.

As for the looks and overall shape, we’re definitely pleased.  It isn’t perfect (what model is?) but excellent marks to KengFai on the whole.  The exterior side does feature a mix of the blackout package and carbon fibre.  The carbon fibre elements throughout are quality in our opinion.  And the sleekness of the Black bits helps define the don’t mess with me attitude!

One of the cool exterior features is the accessibility of the gas filler.  The operation is smooth and without issues.  And KengFai goes even one step further by providing the applicable OEM badges on the inside.

The front side of the RS7 Sportback is all business, the blacked-out four rings and RS badge are present.  Perforated grilles are used in the right places, and the fit and finish are stellar!  Access to the motor is permitted here, and the results are terrific, to say the least.  The heart or main section of the motor along with the supporting cast is top-notch.  There is a good use of layers, colours and textures, the sum of these parts provides one the best motors we’ve seen in quite some time.

The added features here include hood supports, quality hinges, OEM badging, locking tabs and more!  Though the best hallmark is the removable engine cover.  This is something we haven’t seen before and is definitely an exception to the rule with other premier brands in this category. If there was any negative here it would be the lack of paint on the underside of the hood, near the left hinge, bare metal is exposed in a small area.

Moving to the rear this model still performs extremely well!  As mentioned earlier, the rear spoiler is functional and operates in both directions without issue.  We love the detailing to the viewed inner works of the RS tailpipes (if you have a moment, definitely listen to the exhaust note in North America spec, as we do not have the particulate filter on this side of the pond), carbon fibre work is solid along with the overall fit and finish.

Inside the hatch, you will immediately notice the quality flocking throughout.  KengFai also provided a cargo cover, this is fixed in place.  We close with the attaching point for the cargo liner and protective cover on the outter base.

Still, on the exterior side, the massive 22” wheels are very fitting.  KengFai’s execution is quite competent.  The rubber tires feature branding and the rim itself is layered with a surprising amount of detail, even the texture on the blades is present.  The massive front calipers (and also rears) have the appropriate decals too with cross-drilled rotors completing the package.

In some instances when the exterior side is winning the interior side suffers as a cost control measure, but not in this case!  KengFai provides the collector with a truly fabulous interior.  Their use of materials, paint and decals provide a truly authentic look at the Audi RS7 Sportback.  The interior front seats actually allow moveability front/back.  Even the centre console storage allows accessibility (sorry no photo to share here).

As the photos will define quality flocking is present throughout along with fabric seatbelts with photo-etched buckles. The carbon fibre elements along with the painted bits truly help define a quality interior that is on par with the exterior side.

The Audi RS7 Sportback is something of unicorn these days.  The level of detail far exceeds models costing twice as much.  This example here set us back $180 US and that includes shipping!  In addition to the basics, the team excels with the added bonus, of gas filer access, removable engine cover, and access to the centre console.  Get outta here!  In our opinion a no-compromise effort!  If all models arrived this way and were priced with this much value the hobby would be better for it!

This KengFai RS7 Sportback comes highly recommended to all Audi fans or fans of sportscars in general.  There is no surprise as to why this model by KengFai made the 2022 Model of the Year final candidate list.  It is well-earned and one we believe deserves your vote.  Without hesitation, our team can see this model as the overall winner.  Let’s hope the final tally and this review help their effort.  Good luck!  Enjoy the pics!

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8 Responses to "REVIEW: KengFai Audi RS7 Sportback"

  1. Vitaliy D says:

    Some time ago we were thinking that Almost Real would be the hope and savior of die-cast collecting. Then we were thinking that LCD Models would be the one (or are we continuing to think so?). Probably now it’s time to seriously consider Keng Fai for that role, especially looking at their latest neat models.
    If only Keng Fai reproduced more “sporty” cars, such as recent Porsche 911 or BMW M8 or one of latest Bentley Continental GT (either Supersport, or regular one, or both)…

    • DS Team says:

      We believe there is room for all! The more competition the better!! Let’s hope the trend of each brand releasing the same model is never the norm. Sometimes thinking outside the box is more than welcomed.

  2. Kostas says:

    I have the previous RS7 model by Kengfai in my collection and I can say that Kengfai has done an amazing job in terms of quality and attention to detail, inside out, taking always in mind the price tag. All the details of the new RS7 model that you mention in your very nice review, are also present in the old one + a sunroof that amazed me, as this kind of detailing is not common on 1/18 model cars. Only my Autoart Mercedes S63 AMG has also one (+ the gorgeous leather seats) and the crazy thing is that you can also open and close the inner part of it!

    Many Kudos to Kengfai for their brilliant work on all the RS7’s that they have produced, they are extremely very well made, with many details inside and out and they are also very heavy! For many a very welcome feature.

    P.S. As for the removable engine cover this is not the first model car with this unique feature, Autoart has already done this in the past. It was with the Mazda RX-8 and its removable Renesis engine cover. Also a great model car with tons of features and details inside and out.

    • DS Team says:

      Their last model we believe is the old Minikraft mould, no? Not sure if they improved on that, though a welcomed edition based on the rarity of the original. Thanks for pointing out the engine cover release from AUTOart.

  3. Thomas says:

    And where is the DCOTM for december ?? :-)

  4. Peter says:

    It is tempting for 180, less so for 270 which is the price they were selling for here… Because the market is fundamentally broken and everything remotely well detailed and opening quickly gets its retail price lifted up to Autoarts’ territory. Paudi used to shell out models of mundane, everyday cars with moving parts in their interiors. And as much as I appreciate all these quirks and features (not much to be honest), I would rather have a sharper mould, detailed lights, stellar paint finish and the sense of realism Autoart of old was so good at transferring to the 1:18 scale.

  5. Dennis Nrandt says:

    I saw the real thing in gray (non metallic) on the road today and it’s a beautiful body.

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