REVIEW: Sun Star Subaru WRX STi S207 NBR Challenge Package •

REVIEW: Sun Star Subaru WRX STi S207 NBR Challenge Package

The folks at Sun Star were kind enough to forward us a sample of their latest model, the 1:18 Subaru WRX STi S207 NBR Challenge Package.  The model is based on the 2015 platform and features a diecast metal exterior and access to the motor and interior.  Retail for the Subaru WRX STi S207 NBR Challenge is $79US or roughly $95CND.

Our sample came in the well-received OEM Blue Pearl; there is a second colour option of Sunrise Yellow.  Both pieces are limited editions; we assume 1944 of each colour for a total of 3884 units.  Based on the world popularity of the WRX STi, and the rarity of the NBR Challenge Package, Sun Star won’t have an issue selling through their supply.

The Blue Pearl exterior doesn’t disappoint.  Metal flake is evident, and the deep Blue paint was easy to photograph.  The paint isn’t perfect though, depending on lighting there was a little orange peel effect.  Nothing too serious to worry about.  The bulk of the exterior is Blue, though there are some Black lower body kit elements that surround the lower section of the front, sides and rear.  We can’t forget the Silver paint in the two side-view mirrors and just underneath the doors.

Sun Star a great job in replicating the lines of the 1:1 in scale.  Based on the opening features (front doors and motor) the shut-lines are clean and panel gaps are minimal.  Finishing off the exterior we find the rear window section of the model with tinted windows, while the front three pieces remain clear.

The fascia of the WRX STi resembles the 1:1 well.  We start with the perforated grilles, Sun Star’s technique is a little different here.  The mesh is backed by a solid plastic piece.  Overall the effect works well – the lower better than the upper.

Side intakes and secondary lighting are cleanly executed, but we find the material for the upper light a little lacking in detail. Fog lights are definitely better.  Headlights are decent but lack the detail of their higher-priced counterparts. Finally, both badges for this special edition piece are found in the centre grille in the right position.

Motor access is available here.  We were slightly surprised at how well Sun Star crafted the motor.  The motor detail is above average and shines with the multiple layers of material and good use of colour and decals.  The hood section does feature the famous intake; it is opened and detailed inside.  Underneath the hood is finished too, with the mechanism providing air to the intercooler.  Well done!

On the flip side, the budget savings of the model shows its face with the large metal hinges, though operation here is flawless.  Sun Star does provide a release button underneath the model to aid in the open function.

Moving to the rear you will notice the special edition NBR Challenge spoiler in carbon fibre with an S207 badge on each side.  The hood itself is sealed, so we have to access to the interworking of the trunk.  Definitely a cost-saving measure.

Taillight material along with the dual chrome exhaust pipes are crafted with care.  Once again we find all applicable OEM and special badging in their correct position.  Good attention to detail!  We also appreciated the integrated rear wiper into the glass.  It doesn’t look like an afterthought or last-minute addition.

The undercarriage is once again a surprise for an opening price point model.  The exhaust system is fully coloured, while the suspension and steering components, though static is detailed too.  Yes, the wheels do spin and the fronts two are steerable.

The wheels are dressed in all Black which works nicely with the Blue.  No tire script is found but the thread pattern is definitely leaning towards the sports side.  Braking finds metal cross-drilled rotors mated to massive six-point calipers from and rear.  We do think the wheel size is slightly too small and the tire should be trimmed a hair.

Good use of colours and textures excels the realism factor within the interior.  We have full carpeting throughout, fabric seat-belts front and rear with metal buckles, and authentic special edition decal in the centre console.  Even the pedals look authentic!  On the flip side, the Silver pinstriping on the sport seats could use a little more finesse, and the biggest upset is the lack of four-door access.  The rear two doors are sealed.

Sun Star version of the 1:18 Subaru WRX STi S207 NBR Challenge Package is great value for the money.  The new tooling is definitely evident throughout.  Good paint, great motor detail, and interior make for a well-rounded package.  On the negative end, the misses may be too large for some, we have no access to the rear boot and lack of four-door entry.  At the moment there is no other option in metal with opening bits, and possibly never will be.  What Sun Star puts forth here is well-deserving of your attention, be it in Blue or Yellow.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Moondawn says:

    I was always impressed with the higher priced Sunstar models but the one thing you can’t do is leave the back doors sealed on a 4-door vehicle. That is budget practice and this is not such a model. Cut cost somewhere else but not on the back doors. It looks silly and for me and many others, it’s a deal breaker.

    • Martin says:

      It normally is a deal breaker indeed, but I really want this Sub in my collection. It has to be blue also because of this, so the paint is as dark as possible and the difference between the non opening doors and openable doors is as minimal as possible.

  2. kitefighter says:

    This model looks the part and for the price, is a must. Really looking forward to it.

  3. Noah says:

    Truely loving this company for making some of the best diecast cars.I recently ordered a wrx sti on ebay and I cant wait till it gets here.I am very amazed how yall managed to put together one of my dream cars which is the wrx.Thank you guys for making this possible.Keep up the great work

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