REVIEW: Tecnomodel McLaren 675 LT •

REVIEW: Tecnomodel McLaren 675 LT

The next model up for review is the 1:18 McLaren 675 LT from Tecnomodel.  This piece comes from their Exclusive Collection.  What makes the Exclusive Collection different than the Mythos line of products is better attention to exterior and interior detail.  Also, each model is limited to no more than 50 pieces with a minimum of 20 units.  Each replica ships with a high-quality base with plaques, certificate and display cover.  The entire package is well appointed.




One thing I admire about Tecnomodel is that they take risks.  The risk I’m talking about here is the exterior and interior colour combination.  It is absolutely wild, and rightly so, would you want a plain Jane supercar?  Absolutely not!  The 675 LT features a Tiffany Blue exterior with White, Black and Tiffany Blue interior accents.  The paint is wonderful, some of the best I’ve seen in scale form to date.  Carbon fibre workmanship is very good; I like the style of weave chosen throughout the piece.  Body lines represent the original car well as does the overall stance of the model.  This is a sealed body design, so as always panel gaps and shutlines are spot on.



All grilles are solid bits, no perforated grilles found anywhere on the model except for the lower section of the rear deck.  Surprisingly, the recent TopSpeed model of the same car did feature perforated grilles on the lower motor side, just in front of the rear spoiler.  One thing I did notice is the grilles’ position on the side intakes (just behind the doors).  They should be re-set 3-4 inches back, as on this model here they sit almost flush.  Production change maybe?



The front of the model is clean.  Nice execution on all elements, though it would have been nice to see mesh grilles upfront.   The rear is much like the front, with very clean execution throughout.  Carbon fibre work is nicely appointed based on various angles.  As mentioned earlier, the lower section of the bumper does feature perforated grilles.  The rear spoiler is found in a fixed closed position.


The heart of the beast is clearly visible through the rear glass.  The engine detail is layered and has depth.  It excels over the TopSpeed version by extending the carbon fibre detail all through the engine surround.  Nice job Tecnomodel!


Wheels are genuine gems.  They are painted Black with the outer edges of spokes painted in Silver, which provides a 3D effect.  Sitting behind the wheels are solid ceramic discs with colour-matched calipers.  The package is smooth, to say the least.



The funky exterior colours follow the theme into the interior.  The mainly White with Tiffany Blue and Black accents combination works very well.  Attention to detail and finish work is top-notch.  The seats also feature fabric belts, something missing from the recent TopSpeed release.


The Tecnomodel Exclusive Collection McLaren 675 LT is a real gem.  A very unique piece that commands some serious shelf presence.  There really isn’t a whole lot of wrong here, just a whole lot of right!  Thumbs up to the team for taking risks with colours, as we all know sometimes this hobby gets a little stagnant, it is definitely refreshing to see.  If you’re more of a traditionalist, there are more subtle colour themes in their assortment to satisfy. All this does come at a price, and exclusivity will set you back $375-$425. Enjoy the pics!

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  1. SkyMKZ says:

    The paint is great, the headlights are awful—— a whole darkness without any details and structures can be see.

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