REVIEW: The Wand Company Fallout Pick-R-Up Utility Vehicle •

REVIEW: The Wand Company Fallout Pick-R-Up Utility Vehicle

This next model is somewhat usual and somewhat outside the scope of what we’re used to reviewing here at  At first sight, our thoughts are this is uber cool, something different, something refreshing, a switch from the regaular sport and supercar themes.  We present here in 1:18 Fallout Pick-R-Up Utility Vehicle from The Wand Company.  Suggested retail $99 US.

If you haven’t heard of the manufacturer or brand, they are a UK based team.  Small in size doesn’t mean small results, the team has many release that might just be up your alley.  The Wand Company dabbles in unique finds from pop culture, some past inventions include the Star Trek Communicator and Kymera Wand.  One of their recent releases is another stunning addition to the Fallout series, the 1:18 Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck – it is now listed on their website check it out it is stunning!

The model’s packaging is a presentation for the senses.  The exterior jacket is colourful in design and provides a hint to what’s inside.  Once removed you find cardboard finished box with various graphics and information about the model.  One more step and the model is revealed in a protective Styrofoam shell.  In additions to the model, the team supplies some goodies for you.  These include Chryslus Pick-R-Up Technical Guide, Five Year Service Pin and Post Card featuring Pick-R-Up Utility Vehicle.  For those that purchase the model via the retail route, you will also receive Garage Receipt and a Certificate of Authenticity.  There is more but we’ll get into that later on.

There are actually three versions of the Pick-R-Up Utility Vehicle.  One includes the standard edition as we present here – limited to 2500 pieces worldwide.  There is also Limited-Edition Red Rocket Service Vehicle Pick-U-Up (Golden Yellow) limited edition of 400 and finally the Limited-Edition Nuka-Cola Pick-R-Up another limited edition of 111 pieces.

As for the model itself, she features diecast exterior completed with other metal and plastic parts.  It also offers 360 access and unique bonus feature too.   As for paint application, the Cherry Red Metallic finish on our example was flawless in execution from front to back.  Shutlines are solid and panel gaps aren’t finest level craftsmenship but they are more than capable.  Chrome work throughout is solid too, this is more evident on the front section.

The front of the Pick-R-Up is dominated by a massive grille – LOL it will definitely give some rappers a run for their money!  Work here is nicely executed.  In behind the chrome, there is Black mesh grille, perforated too.  It doesn’t reveal any on the motor detail.

Pop the hood and more chrome is found as the primary colour with the motor and exhaust work.   Here is where you find the extra bonus feature, we mentioned earlier.  This vehicle is equipped with the nuclear powerplant, the core is removable and it lights up too.  Uber cool!  As for the overall detail, it is good but seasoned collectors looking for up-scale hinge work and a highly detailed motor won’t get that level of detail here.

As we move to the rear the large bed leads to two missile style taillights on either side.  The rear hatch is functional.  Our example was flawless, smooth as butter in operation.  Move down a little and recent centre portion helps defines the massive fenders.  Nice on the metal step!

Wheels are nicely crafted here too.  Great work on the centre chrome hub.  Tires are also crafted with rubber material.  The front tires do provide steering adjustment, though not connected to the interior steering wheel.  The undercarriage does reveal some of the suspension working and structural engineering of the Pick-R-Up.  This is also where the batteries or should say where the plutonium is inserted for the nuclear powerplant.

Inside the cockpit, the interior is nicely cast in diecast metal.  The doors cards are decent in detail chrome grab handle and speaker are present.  Dash is mated to the steering wheel; this is all completed in plastic. We give above average marks to the detail here.  The single seat is executed in plastic too – in all the interior is decent for the price point.

Friends, collectors, we think diecast metal isn’t dead.  The team at The Wand Company with their replica of the 1:18 Fallout Pick-R-Up Utility Vehicle has provided a cool romance of fantasy and scale.  The model in some aspects is toy-ish but that’s what we think gives it the added charm.   Overall design along with fit and finish make it a desirable product.  If you’re looking something outside the box look more into The Wand Company for some fascinating examples.  We gives this one two thumbs up.  Enjoy the pics!

Now we wouldn’t be doing our job if we don’t ask the tough questions.  How can a small company like The Wand Company produce a fully opening, diecast metal replica and retail for less than $100 US?  We don’t believe they cornered the market on efficiencies.  And based on our calculations production is slightly more than 3000 units based on the three variants issued.  Surely the big boys like AUTOart who almost abandoned diecast metal for composite and Minichamps who release more sealed diecast with mediocre detail have a better understanding of product development and associated costs.  Are we collectors getting hosed?  What are your thoughts?



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12 Responses to "REVIEW: The Wand Company Fallout Pick-R-Up Utility Vehicle"

  1. Yeow Yi Fan says:

    This is such a charming piece. My initial impression was what kind of weird-looking Ford F100 is this? XD

    I do not play Fallout but am happy someone is even making this. I sincerely wish this company all the best and hope that they can carve out a niche. Speaking of which, someone should ask them to make a StarCraft Siege Tank.

    I think the big guns are charging too much nowadays and is probably down to profit margins. Unfortunately, I do not have the numbers but hopefully someone does. For instance, almost all of these are made in China. How is it possible that some dealer editions cost less than USD 100 and are not 2-3 times inferior than the other brands? I do not buy better plastics will constitute such exponential increase. Increase in quality has not been proportional to Increase in price.

    Anyway, great review and I will be watching their future offering closely.

  2. Karsten says:

    Thank you so much for introducing us to The Wand Company´s models. As I do not play Fallout either, I would have remained ignorant to these gems. More than the trucks, however, I feel attracted by their first release, the Fusion Flea three-wheeler. In the standard blue I have found it in a computer games retailer near me for a mere 70 Euros. But make no mistake, scalpers have seen to it that limited edition variants of it are offered for up to 760 Euros on Ebay. Not sure what their sticker price orginally was.

  3. Terrence says:

    What an unusual and refreshing vehicle! I know nothing about the game, and my die cast collection does not focus on trucks, but this is compelling! So great to learn about something new and different – I have been collecting die cast for about 30 years and I miss the Golden Age of frequent new issues at affordable prices. Thank you Diecast Society!

  4. Sabar budiman says:

    Love model… can I buy it

  5. Zack says:

    I’m a fan of the Fallout series, beginning with 3, then New Vegas and 4 (have not picked up 76), and as soon as I heard the Wand Company was making these I ordered the Flea and then pre-ordered this truck. Both are an absolute delight and provide lots of finger fun. Like you mentioned, the paint is gorgeous, and everything opens and closes smoothly. In addition to the Nuka Cola delivery truck, they are also planning a Vault-Tec van and the “Station Wagon” which is a bubble-top family sedan. I highly recommend them. :D Also, their customer service is fantastic; I wrote the company and received a very nice reply. I can’t say enough nice things about these, and I promise I don’t work for them! :)

  6. Havoc says:

    So far I have all of the diecast fallout vehicles the wand company has released save for the NukaCola variant of the Pick-R-Up which was produced in a limited run exclusively for the members of the Fallout Collector’s Vault on Facebook. The work put into these by the Wand Company really shows. While I loved their Star Trek offerings (which sit on my entertainment center), the attention to detail in their fallout lineup is just fun.

    The pipboy kit they presented for Fallout 76 comes with batteries carded and styled for a company in the game world, general atomics. One of the addon packages comes with the piece wrapped in a piece of newspaper from within the world of fallout. Just really nice touches that compliment the superb work. Very much looking forward to the next installment.

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