REVIEW: TopSpeed Ford GT 2015 •

REVIEW: TopSpeed Ford GT 2015

It’s only fitting on the weekend of the 84th running on the LeMans endurance race we feature a car with some history to LeMans.  The new, next generation Ford GT will be honoured at the 2016 LeMans running with no less than four cars scheduled to begin on the starting grid.  The model we have here is not the race version but the street car recently released from the team at TopSpeed Model.  It represents the car as it was presented at the North American International Auto Show.  The TopSpeed Ford GT is a limited edition piece of 999 with a suggested retail of $135US.


From the exterior view the first thing that strikes you is the absolutely gorgeous Liquid Blue paint.  For the most part the paint execution is very good.  Though on my particular model the paint is little thin around the sharp edges of the body, especially around the blades on the rear section.  TopSpeed could have also used a little more sanding to gain that near perfect finish around these blades as well.  Body lines and various bits seem to mirror the 1:1 nicely. Being a resin and sealed model the panel gaps and shutlines are near perfect.



The front fascia of the GT Ford features a large intake. Unfortunately for us the grille is a solid plastic piece.  Carbon fibre work on the lower spoiler sections are done well.  The headlight detail is surprisingly very good, much more so than the $135 price tag would lead you to believe.  The upper cooling intakes on the hood are completed and fitted nicely, but yet again the bits are made of solid plastic.


The rear section features a large diffuser made of carbon fibre. The grilles above it feature solid bits again, though the look and fitment are very acceptable. Taillights and exposed exhaust tips are nicely crafted .  Overall fit and finish is clean for the most part.


Turning to the motor the model takes a slight turn in the wrong direction, quality wise it isn’t on par with the rest of the model in my opinion.  Basically the lump some is here, the block, intake, and finishing hardware.  It’s the fine detail work along side materials used aren’t providing a convincing engine bay.  With a little effort the motor can move from average and provide the realism we collectors admire and crave.


The undercarriage is basic to say the least, possibly the 1:1 is too.  Most of the detail is reserved for the rear diffuser as the photo will show.  The Top Speed logo and numbering plate round out the undercarriage elements.


The wheels on the Ford GT is definitely a strong point.  Execution of the wheels, rotors and massive Brembo calipers are top notch.  The gunmetal finish is soooo perfect along side the Liquid Blue exterior.  Well done!



The interior of the 2015 Ford GT is no match for the original second generation Ford GT.  Overall ergonomics and creatively is definitely lost.  TopSpeed Model has captured the original well.  Interior materials are decent, and for the most part all the elements are here.  Though there is no carpeting.  On the flip side I’m not 100% sure the original has any too.


TopSpeed’s Ford GT is a very capable piece.  If you’re looking for 100% perfection move elsewhere.  The exterior paint, body lines and wheels are the most attractive elements for sure.  If the team can address and work on some of the short coming they will continue to succeed and gain market share.  At the moment there are only two options for the Ford GT, TopSpeed and Engup.  I need one in my collection, based on the two, the TopSpeed gets the nod.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. flathead says:

    Thanks for the in-depth review. As race variants and multiple colors of street versions seem logical follow-ons, will AA and Shelby be producing these in the not-too-distant future?

  2. John says:

    I just got my TS Ford GT and your review is spot on. I also pre-ordered the Maisto Exclusive Ford GT for the opening parts. Hoping the quality is high for the price. My pre-order shows Sept/Oct release date. So far no pictures of the Maisto have been released. I’m hoping that means they are trying to get it right knowing what a huge seller it will be if they do.

  3. JS Coleman says:

    The fact that the TS is resin means that Maisto will be getting my money. I’ve ordered their GT in both Exclusive and Premiere guises.

  4. Rochester says:

    If Maisto improve their panel fit/shutlines, they get my $$$….if not, then oh well………….

  5. Michael van Zyl says:

    I would love a red 1

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