REVIEW: TrueScale Miniatures/Fujimi Ferrari F50 GT •

REVIEW: TrueScale Miniatures/Fujimi Ferrari F50 GT

Photos of the pre-production version were starting to surface in the middle half of 2012.  One Ferrari high on my wish list of models to be replicated and have a position in my collection, with that I’m happy to introduce the Ferrari F50 GT by TrueScale Miniatures in collaboration with Fujimi Models.  This is a 1:18 scale, sealed, and resin model.  This is the first full production version of the Ferrari F50 GT in 1:18 scale to date (outside any custom commissioned or limited runs).  The Ferrari F50 GT was intended to be a full race-spec car, unfortunately, Ferrari pulled the plug, it was then decided to put the beast into production.  Only the prototype and two more ever made it off the production line – what a shame.  The Ferrari F50 GT is rated at 750 bhp / 383 lb·ft torque with a top speed of 235mph or 378kph.


ferrari_f50gt7  ferrari_f50gt5


I’m going to start off with the packing on this release as it is the first model I’ve purchased from TrueScale Miniatures.  The model comes shipped within the traditional paper exterior box.  Based on the Ferrari pedigree I would say the exterior graphics are a little understated, I would have appreciated a little more impact.  As you can see the model is fully licenced by Ferrari (see above photo).  Inside the model is enclosed by multiple styrofoam pieces that form a protective shell.  I’m happy to report my model was 100% damage-free inside and out, but I have to say this was an unusual step in packaging that I’ve seen from any manufacture to date.  Once un-wrapped the model is fixed to a black finished wood-like base with a TSM logo in the lower right-hand corner.  Nothing to particularly attractive and definitely not on par with the higher-end feel of the F50 GT.


ferrari_f50gt14  ferrari_f50gt19


The exterior of the model from what I can gather is spot on.  Being a resin base panel gaps and shutlines are excellent.  My only concerns relate to the back end.  The shutline around the hatch could have used a little more refinement based on a model of this calibre and suggested price point.  Though minimal, it can really only be seen under close inspection. Ride height and other styling cues seem well aligned to the 1:1 with particular interest to the nicely executed headlights, air intakes, hinges/clamps and rear exhaust tips.  The model is firmly planted to the ground at all four corners, with no issues with wheels not aligned or not touching the surface – perfect balance.   All of the grilles on the model are sealed; at this price point perforated would be preferred wherever possible.  For the most part, the exterior paint is very good, however, there are some minor areas where it does look a little thin.


ferrari_f50gt11  ferrari_f50gt10

The wheels are exceptional!  Highly detailed rotors and calipers work nicely with the mated rubber.  Everything seems to scale and works great with the exterior and overall ride height.



As you know the model is fully sealed so there is no chance to explore the inner-workings of the motor, interior or front suspension bits.  Best you and I can do it wait for a fully scaled diecast replica.  That being said the interior does show promise, there are the added finer detailed bits, but it doesn’t live up to the $200 plus price point.  It is lacking in overall refinement, with the choice of materials being poor, nowhere near the quality of recent works from Hot Wheels Elite or Kyosho from early Ferrari models.  The way I see it the presentation has a “plastic” look and feel, something better suited for lower budget models.  I believe TSM should have done more here, I suggest they work on this for future projects with Fuijimi.  That being said I don’t think most people purchase the Ferrari F50 GT for its interior, the exterior is where that model shines best!



Overall I’m very happy with my first TrueScale Miniature model, I will continue to purchase more based on their future offering.  For Ferrari fans out there I think this one is a must, personally my 39th Ferrari that I’ve added to my collection to date.  Overall the presentation is great; the specimen here is a truly exceptional, one that should not be missed.  Though the model isn’t perfect (what model is?) there is room here for improvement.  No matter what angle you enjoy the model from it looks like she’s moving 200 mph.  That’s why this one is presently enjoying space front and centre on my office desk.  Enjoy the pics!

ferrari_f50gt  ferrari_f50gt2  ferrari_f50gt4

ferrari_f50gt6  ferrari_f50gt9  ferrari_f50gt12

ferrari_f50gt13  ferrari_f50gt16  ferrari_f50gt17

ferrari_f50gt18  ferrari_f50gt22  ferrari_f50gt25

ferrari_f50gt27  ferrari_f50gt29  ferrari_f50gt31

ferrari_f50gt32  ferrari_f50gt34  ferrari_f50gt35

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  1. Wes says:

    I don’t understand sealed body models. The real centerpiece is the engine. Without the engine, it’s just not worth it. I bought a Spark Porsche 956, and after realizing the body is sealed, I went and returned it to the shop and exchanged it for something else.

    • DS Team says:

      Wes, many share your thoughts exactly. I prefer the odd resin, many due to the fact that they are unique models and are not offered in diecast form. The above being a perfect example.

  2. Marien Moreno says:

    I have been looking for this model for many years. How can I get one of them?

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