Schuco December Deliveries •

Schuco December Deliveries

More from Schuco this month.  The feature finds the uber-cool, 1:10 scale Zündapp KS 601.  The model is completed in good-old diecast metal.  Price, less than 80 Euros.  The Zündapp KS 601 is available now!  Check out our sponsor list to orders yours.  Please note, item flagged with “*” are Märklin dealer exclusives.

Edition 1:43:

BMW 507 with Hardtop, Grey Blue/Black
BMW 507 with Hardtop, Red/Black

Edition 1:87:

NH90 Helicopter “Bundeswehr”, Camouflaged
Wolf G “Bundeswehr”, Camouflaged
Wolf G Military Police “Feldjäger”

Edition 1:32:

Volkswagen Käfer Set of 3*

Edition 1:18:

Volkswagen T1b box van “Gulf”*

Edition 1:87:

Volkswagen T1c “MHI” Set of 5*
MHI DB, Grey Set of 3*

About the Zündapp KS 601…  “Founded in 1917 in Nuremberg as the Zünder-Apparatebau-Gesellschaft m.b.H, from 1921 onwards the Zündapp works developed into a leading German motorcycle manufacturer. One of the most prominent motorcycle designs of the Zündapp works was the KS 601 produced from 1950 to 1957. During that time, the KS 601 was Germany‘s most powerful motorcycle and achieved a power output of 28 PS from its 597 cm³ 2-cylinder boxer engine. This helped the motorcycle weighing 224 kg to reach a top speed of 140 km/h – outstanding for those times. The typical colour of the Zündapp KS 601 was the famous „Zündapp Green“ which later led to it also being nicknamed „The green elephant“. However, the motorcycle was also manufactured in other colours such as dark red and black and altogether nearly 5,000 were produced. The Zündapp KS 601 is a brand highlight in the high quality and precision performance Classic Motorcycle Edition 1:10 from Schuco. The series meets the highest quality standards and wows fans with its authentic high-gloss finish. Features such as rotating wheels and fully functional suspension are an integral part of these models and have established them as a firm favourite with motorcycle enthusiasts.”

Product# 450660300 / 450218500 / 450218600 / 452646600 / 452642700 / 452642800 / 450774200 / 450036800 / 452646300 / 452646200

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