Schuco New November Arrivals •

Schuco New November Arrivals

Schuco is back this month with a variety of themes and scales.  The feature model finds the 1:18 Volkswagen T1a “Midlands Centre” with Beetle chassis, this one comes from their Edition PRO.R18.  This means resin and sealed.  Suggested retail is north of 200 Euros.  A 1:43 specimen is available at just under 100 Euros too.  The remaining lot is found below.


Scooter-Charly, Red
Scooter-Charly, Blue

Edition 1:43:

Mercedes-Benz 170 V Limousine, Red/White
Tatra T148 Fire Brigade

Edition PRO.R43:

VW T1a „Beardalls of Nottingham“, Red

Edition 1:18:

Mercedes-Benz Unimog 401, Green


BMW M8, Red

Edition 1:87:

Mercedes-Benz Trac 1800, Blue/Silver
Mercedes-Benz G-Modell, Diamond White
Mercedes-Benz G-Modell, Metallic Black

Product# 450016300 / 450098500 / 450098600 / 450247000 / 450375200 / 450907800 / 450016700 / 450020900 / 452641700 / 452639700 / 452639600

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  1. flathead says:

    Here’s hoping that Schuco will produce a MB 300sl gullwing coupe for the 2020 model year, with tartan plaid interior, and accurately-depicted rear quarter section. This unimog model looks nice, but not interested.

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