Schuco New Releases June •

Schuco New Releases June

We have a handful of Schuco new releases to share this month.  The feature position is given to the 1:87 VW T1c pick-up with Tarpaulin “Lanz” in Blue.  Suggested retail 9.97 Euro.  Other new models are provided below by scale.


Mercedes-Benz 170V Carburettor
Unimog U411 pick-up with Trailer/Wood Load

Scale 1:32:

Belarus MTS-50. Red
Kirovets K-700A, Yellow

Scale 1:87:

Fuchs infantry transport vehicle “Bundeswehr”, Camouflaged
Mercedes AMG GT, Yellow
VW Beetle, Yellow/Black
VW T3 bus “Bundeswehr”, Camouflaged

Product# 452634000 / 450566700 / 450158600 / 450771800 / 450903200 / 452634200 / 452633400 / 452635800 / 452636600

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