SCM Models 1:43 Gunther Werks 911 •

SCM Models 1:43 Gunther Werks 911

We came across SCM Models’ new 1:43 Gunther Werks 911. The example here will be made available in five configurations, each detailed below, each limited to 80 pieces.  If you haven’t heard of SCM, they are a premium brand of the hand-made replica with examples features parts well north of 100.  And their attention to detail is second to none.  All this comes at a price, the Gunther Werks 911 will set you back $216 US.  That’s a lot of of cheese!

On a side note, they are currently working 1:43 Ferrari F40 and F50.  About six in total.  These are scheduled for release in May 2021.  The production here is limited to 50 pieces or less.  Sorry, no photos to share at this time.

CM801A – Solar Red w/ GT wing
CM801B – Chelsea Grey w/ Ducktail wing
CM801C – Winchester w/ Ducktail wing
CM801D – Mexico Blue w/ Ducktail wing
CM801E – Sting w/ GT wing

Ferrari F40 Nardo Grey w/ Silver BBS Super RS wheels
Ferrari F40 Red w/ Gold BBS Super RS wheels
Ferrari F40 Pearl Pink
Ferrari F40 GT Pilot Racing

Ferrari F50 Koenig Rosso Corsa w/ Gold BBS wheels
Ferrari  F50 Koenig Modena Yellow w/ Gold BBS wheels

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  1. Daniel says:

    Who are SCM? Are they connected to Make Up? They have the same packaging.

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