Solido May Deliveries and More! •

Solido May Deliveries and More!

Solido is giving an exclusive look at their 1:18 May deliveries. The re-tooled BMW M3 based on the E30 chassis is front and centre. The model is completed in diecast and offers new collectors budget friendly BMW in sports trim for less than 45 Euro or roughly $70CND. The 1937 Citroën Traction 11CV is a notable mention too. The model provides collectors with a full diecast metal 360 approach. Full access to interior bits and more are welcomed. Again for less than 45 Euro! We have the complete list below with a few addtional items we missed along the way. Enjoy!

About the BMW M3…  “The BMW M3 was born from the desire of the Bavarian manufacturer to have a licensed FIA Group A competition car. To accredit its competition model, BMW was under the obligation of commercializing 5000 units minimum of a civilian version. Revealed in Frankfurt in 1985, its production began the following Spring. It received specific shields, widened wings, a rear spoiler and a redesigned rear windscreen so as to obtain an air penetration coefficient of 0.33. This first M3 would end up becoming a legend, symbolizing the prestige of the brand.”

S1800803 – Alpine A110 1800S, Tour de Corse #1, 1973
S1801501 – BMW E30 Sport EVO, Black, 1990
S1801502 – BMW E30 M3, Red, 1990
S1800405 – Citroën Acadiane, La Poste, 1984
S1800903 –  Citroën Traction 11CV, Black & White Wheels, 1937
S1801401 – Fait 500 Nuova Sport
S1801403 – Fait 500 Italia
S1800801 – Lancia Delta Integrale TDC, 1991
S1801106 – Porsche 911 RSR, “Grand Bazar”, 1973
S1800802 – Subaru Impreza, Monte Carlo #5, 1995

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8 Responses to "Solido May Deliveries and More!"

  1. Robert says:

    The hood and trucnk don’t seem to open on the Bimmer… But at that price… I guess we can’t complain much.

  2. JD says:

    No the hood and trunk are sealed Robert.. but hey if Minichamps Hotwheels and so on can get away with half sealed 1/18 so does Solido.. at least they probably wont cost as much as any new Minichamps.

  3. Zack says:

    Why doglegs on the Fiats? I’m cool with non-opening trunk and engine lid (I’ve got the Minichamps 500), and I love the “livery” on both of these and am considering both… but why doglegs on those doors when the rest of these (save that Acadiane) have proper hinges? Is it a desirability thing? That the higher end cars like 911s and the BMW get the proper hinges but the 500s aren’t worth the trouble?

  4. Pier Paolo says:

    All very nice, but the Fiat 500 Italia (which is called 500 L, instead is a version F) has never existed; moreover, the Sport version has never been produced on the Fiat 500 F base. In addition, of course, the ugly dog paws of the doors. Ok, they are cheap, but a little more attention would not hurt.

  5. Daniel says:

    The Subaru is a bit of a miss! Since when was the Monte Carlo Rally a gravel event?
    Even Sunstar got the wheels right on theirs, even if the suspension was a bit high. This one is rubbish!

    • I would prefer that Solido had fitted the Subaru with dry tarmac tyres, but it’s worth mentioning there is almost always snow on some of the stages on the Monte. The Col is famous for it.

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