Sun Star Routemaster Bus - RM 2217 •

Sun Star Routemaster Bus – RM 2217

An old classic from Sun Star sees life once again in a new colour/route designation.  The 1:24 scale Routemaster Bus – RM 2217  (CUV217C).  Don’t let the scale fool you this piece stand tall and long.  Nice detail surrounds the exterior too.  As per Sun Star, this one is coming soon.  Please contact Sun Star for more information.

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3 Responses to "Sun Star Routemaster Bus – RM 2217"

  1. Karsten says:

    And yet I’d desperately like to see it in 1:18 to fit in with the rest of my collection. If it`s huge then, never mind, NZG´s Actros Car Carrier and Norev´s Bartolettis have shown that it´s poosible on this larger scale. If there´s space for these, there´ll be space for the iconic London bus. They´d sell like hot cake, much better than in 1:24.
    But actually I´d like to see CMC or NZG making it in 1:18.

  2. Craig says:

    Karsten, I agree; I’d love it in 1:18. However, not by CMC or it would cost a bloody fortune! NZG or Norev would be fine. Even in 1:24, I wish that Sunstar would make more pre-war versions.

    • Karsten says:

      😜I’d be prepared to pay “a bloody fortune” if the thing is worth it … and there are so many ways with this London Icon to make it worth a fortune, not only real fabric seats, opening windows, etc., but revolving line and designation signs for example. Figures of driver, conductor, passengers, functional ticket machines and stop request. NZG would be capable of that, but Norev’s Bartoletti approach is not what I’d like to see. Having said that, I wouldn’t mind more than one manufacturer doing it.

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