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Tarmac Works New 1:64 Scale Line

Tarmac Works is switching gears, they are in the mists of developing a new 1:64 scale focusing mainly on Japanese car culture.  Initial release with feature two vehicles, one Japanese and one from an European marquee.  See official press release below.

“We have confirmed plans to develop a new line of 1:64 scale high quality model cars with the first model target to release in July of this year. The first wave will include 2 models that includes one Japanese car and one European car.

The development in 1:64 scale is a result of our continued focus in the Asian model car market in which the 64 scale has become increasingly popular.

Which models do you most want to see us produce? Tell us about it here!”


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2 Responses to "Tarmac Works New 1:64 Scale Line"

  1. D N'D-Land says:

    I would like to see these models made in 1/64th scale:
    1984-90 Toyota MR-2 (Gen 1)
    1991-96 Toyota MR-2 (Gen 2)
    Nissan Silvia (S-13) 1989-1994/Nissan 180SX/200SX/240SX Fastback
    Nissan Silvia (S-14) 1997
    Nissan Silvia (S-15) 1999-2003
    Honda Prelude Si 1993-1996
    1985-87 Toyota Crown Royal 3.0
    1990 Infiniti Q45
    1992 Toyota Soarer/Lexus SC400 Coupe
    1988-89 Nissan Z31 300ZX/Fairlady 300ZR
    1984 Z31 Nissan 300ZX Turbo 50th Anniversary
    1992 Mazda Sentia/Mazda 929
    1991 Honda Legend Coupe/Acura Legend Coupe(Gen 2)
    1986-1990 Honda Integra 3 Door coupe/Acura Integra 3-Door coupe (Gen 1)

  2. I would love to see cars that haven’t been made until now or at least that can be done better.
    Enough with the Skyline series or GT-R, for a japanese car i would love to see:
    1975 Toyota Trueno Sprinter TE47 GT Coupe
    Toyota Sprinter Trueno Convertible
    1982 Subaru 700

    And for european models:
    1964 Maserati MIstral
    1959 Alfa Romeo Dauphine
    1980 Lancia Trevi

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