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Tecnomodel 1974 Aston Martin Lagonda Saloon 4-Doors

Tecnomodel is back with a classic 1:18 Aston Martin, the 4-door Lagonda Saloon.  The Lagonda Saloon will be offered in two colours: Metallic dark grey with Dark Red interior and Metallic Green with Cream interior.  Though for the most part the model looks the part, we need to point out the fake chrome trim around the glass work, it looks horrible!!  Second one in the last few weeks we’ve been turned off by such laziness.  Come on folks, there needs to be a better solution!?  The last model in question was the Lamborghini 350 GT by Classic Model Replicas (CMR).  Both colours of the Lagonda Saloon are limited editions of 80/100 respectively.

tm_TM18-14A tm_TM18-14A2 tm_TM18-14A3

tm_TM18-14A4 tm_TM18-14A5 tm_TM18-14A6

tm_TM18-14C tm_TM18-14C2 tm_TM18-14C3

tm_TM18-14C4 tm_TM18-14C5 tm_TM18-14C6

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5 Responses to "Tecnomodel 1974 Aston Martin Lagonda Saloon 4-Doors"

  1. John says:

    They use that same fake cheap looking chrome window trim on most of their models. Just look at the modern Aston Martins they offer. Same thing. It KILLS what could be great models. It would be like sticking gummy bears on a Faberge Egg.

    • Frank says:

      Actually, there is a compliment there too. But I bought the Grifo and it does have the the right chrome trim. And it looks like they used the cheap look only on the side windows. Is that correct?

  2. This is only sort of an ok gap filler model. Details and proportions are wrong. Another model with a long list of problems – looks a bit like an upmarket Bburago.

    • Frank says:

      Upmarket Bburgao? Really? It may be advisable to look at an actual model before making such a ridiculous comparison. It’s like comparing the real car to a Trabant.

      • Frank says:

        Well, I stand corrected: Tecnomodel made a mistake here and I did not expect that. Now that I have examined it, I have to agree: apart form the build quality, there is nothing right here. They forgot to look at the real car. Amazing though in this time of laser precision…

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