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Tecnomodel Confirms McLaren Speedtail

Tecnomodel officially confirms the 1:18 and 1:43 scale version of the McLaren Speedtail.  Those these items will be sealed and made of resin it gives a foot in the door for something is scale.  Hopefully the likes of AUTOart will jump on the bandwagon too, 360 access is something this unique piece deserves.

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6 Responses to "Tecnomodel Confirms McLaren Speedtail"

  1. Jeff says:

    What are the prices of the 1:18 models? And when do they release them?

    • DS Team says:

      Usually 220 Euro. None provided, contact them.

      • spikyone says:

        Tecnomodel’s modern roadgoing cars tend to be much more expensive that that. The Lotus Evora was €250 IIRC, the McLaren 720S was at least €100 more. US prices were around the $500 mark.

        • spikyone says:

          Just checked and the upcoming Senna is listed as €359 on carmodel.com, which is my go-to for information on upcoming Tecnomodel releases. I expect a similar price for the Speedtail.

  2. Roger Lodge says:

    Such a beautiful modern car, it does a pretty decent job for making up for the hideousness of the Senna.

  3. Adam Wilczynski says:

    Great to see that there’s already a company that takes their hands onto the Speedtail, and I am glad that there’s another company on the market offering their versions of cars while the popularity of the hobby is decreasing. but really TECNOMODEL. You really need to get your s**t together. Offering cars at prices close to BBR models, with quality at SPARK’s level? Talking about paint smudges & scuffs that are quite common among some SPARK models, which can be see on TM’s releases also. Really that’s not good enough.Again that’s my opinion. Regards

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