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Tecnomodel New Ford P68

Fans of classic race cars will now be able to enjoy the vintage Ford P68 in scale.  Tecnomodel will be releasing five versions of a 1:18 scale example.  The models include Press Red, Press Gold, Nurburgring 1000Km #8, SPA 1000Km #9 and Brands Hatch #34.  Contact Tecnomodel or dealer for more information.

Product# TBD

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3 Responses to "Tecnomodel New Ford P68"

  1. spikyone says:

    Product numbers are:

    TM18-88A – press red
    TM18-88B – Brands Hatch (McLaren/Hulme)
    TM18-88C – Nurburgring (Irwin/Rodriguez)
    TM18-88D – Spa (Gardner/Hahne)
    TM18-88E – press gold/Alan Mann racing colours

  2. Roger Lodge says:

    Nice. Looking forward to getting one in about a year or two once the price goes down to something realistic.

    • spikyone says:

      Don’t hold your breath, the limited edition sizes of these are tiny. The popular versions are likely to sell out fast at full price.

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