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Tecnomodel New Alfa Romeo 2600 SZ 1967

Tecnomodel  is surely on Alfa Romeo’s fan club list.  Two new additions to their assortment are the Alfa Red and Yellow Senape Alfa Romeo 2600 SZ.  Each model is completed in 1:18 scale, and features Gray and Black interior.  Both are limited editions of 140 and 80 pieces respectfully.  Please contact Tecnomodel for more information on ordering and availability.

tm_TM18-13B5 tm_TM18-13B4 tm_TM18-13B3

tm_TM18-13B2 tm_TM18-13B tm_TM18-13A

tm_TM18-13A2 tm_TM18-13A3 tm_TM18-13A4


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  1. Is it the photos or are those bumpers hanging out too much. They look too deep to me. Practically shelves they are.

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