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Tecnomodel New McLaren Senna

Tecnomodel has put the final touches on their version of the McLaren Senna supercar.  We have four colours to share, the feature finds the  Blue Geneva Autoshow Edition.  The remaining three highlights Full Carbon Fiber Body with Yellow inserts, Brazilian Edition and Metallic Red.  Each is crafted in 1:18 scale with sealed resin design.  Each is a production piece of 100 or less.  All four will be on sale soon sometime this coming March.

Product# T18-EX07A / T18-EX07B / T18-EX07C / T18-EX07D

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4 Responses to "Tecnomodel New McLaren Senna"

  1. spikyone says:

    I like that metallic red, good choice of dark wheels. Looks like these are part of their Exclusive range though; based on Tecnomodel’s previous modern McLarens they’re likely to be roughly BBR prices.

    Hopefully someone will make it in the darker metallic blue too, at a slightly cheaper price point.

  2. Wildman Bradley says:

    OMG! Those pieces are absolutely stunning..i sure would love to get my hands on one. But not at $350-$400 a piece. Nope

  3. Mark says:

    If they can do the Shmee150’s Senna Specification, that would be DOPE!

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