Tomica Celebrates 50th Anniversary! •

Tomica Celebrates 50th Anniversary!

You may have noticed the Tomica banners around the website for the last little while. Tomica is the latest sponsor added to the DS family. Our goal is to bring forward some interesting reviews and many photos of their vast assortment of diecast scale models. This month Tomica will be racing into the US to celebrate the brand’s 50th Anniversary!

Nearly 50 years strong, Tomica has been the number one diecast toy car brand in Asia since its creation. TOMY (sister brand) has sold over 550 million cars since the line was introduced in 1970. Known for their quality diecast metal construction, attention to detail and a wide variety of models, Tomica continues to amaze collectors across 130 countries.

Tomica cars are modelled after real vehicles from around the world and include features, details and finishes that are used in the real automobiles. The cars also feature a moveable part and include more diecast than the competition.


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    Will they be coming to Oregon?

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