TOP Marques | GP Replicas New Announcements! •

TOP Marques | GP Replicas New Announcements!

Top Marques along with sister brand GP Replicas are back this week with some cool announcements.  Our favourite of the bunch is the Jackie Stewart and Francois Cevert Tyrell 006 race cars by GP Replicas.  Both definitely require a second look!  A notable mention TOP Marques 1:43 Ferrari 333SP in presentation form, sweet!

Scale 1:43:

TM43-24A – Ferrari 333SP Red
TM43-24B – Ferrari 333SP Black
TM43-24D – Ferrari 333SP Momo
TM43-25A – Ferrari 288 GTO Red
TM43-25B – Ferrari 288 GTO Black
TM43-25C – Ferrari 288 GTO Yellow

Scale 1:18:

TOP112E – Ferrari 333SP Olive Garden
TOP99A – Lancia Stratos Stratos HF Ready to Race

GP106A – Lotus 97T Elio de Angelis
GP106B – Lotus 97T Ayrton Senna
GP68A – Tyrell 006 Jackie Stewart
GP68B – Tyrell 006 Francois Cevert

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  1. Dave says:

    The inaccuracies of models by GP replicas are truly astounding. Clearly they do not have a person onboard who really is familiar with GP cars from the 1980s.

    The 1985 Ferrari 156/85 for instance. The wheels are completely out of proportion as is the width of the rear wing. Thr rear wheel in particular lack depth. And to top it off they have the Goodyear markings on the tyres in italics for some reason. The Tecnomodel version is 1000 times better option for this model.

    The 1989 Ferrari 640 has ridiculous looking front wheels which are too small and tyre side walls which are too small and rear tyres that have a bulge simililar to that of a 1970s GP car. As well as that, the Agip, Digital, and Fiat decals are incorrectly scaled. Opt for the Looksmart version of this car instead.

    The 1988 Ferrari F1-87/88c main failure is the height of the rear wing which is way too high. Again, the looksmart version is more accurate. The GP replicas version has black wheels and a yellow Agip decals on the rear wing, which is more fitting for the 1988 Brazilian GP than the Italian GP.

    The 1987 F1-87 has incorrect decal placement for pretty much the entire car with a rear wing that is again way too high.

    The 1984 Ferrari 126C4 is probably their best attempt of a Ferrari F1 car from the 1980s. I would say that the main problem with this model is the tip of the nosecone. Otherwise a good attempt.

    The 1983 126C3 Ferrari should also be avoided. The rear wing is ridiculously out of place.

    The 1982 126C2 Ferrari has a decent body shape but the rear wheel rims are out of proportion once again. The 1/12 version has the added fault of having the wheels spaced out too far.

    On the plus side, I’ve seen images of the 1992 Mclaren which looks reasonably accurate, as does the early season version of the 1991 Ferrari.

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