TopSpeed Upcoming Projects! •

TopSpeed Upcoming Projects!

The team at TopSpeed is giving fans a first look at their new assortment of future goodies.  We have race livery from Acura/Honda.  There is also focus on a few American marques, Ford and Chevrolet both have projects in the works.  You can see the Mustang and Corvette are almost complete.

TopSpeed we love your speed to market, the assortment array and for the most part overall execution of your pieces.  BUT please listen to collectors.  Fix the little things, improvement is always welcomed.  Don’t get lazy!

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5 Responses to "TopSpeed Upcoming Projects!"

  1. Miles1977 says:

    Is it the McLaren Gran Turismo in the background?

  2. Michael says:

    Looks great But when Will it be relaesed. I am waiting a long time for the 1/18 daytona prototype Visit Florida Chevrolet and haven’t got any news So far about release

  3. amlv20 says:

    Speed to market? HAHAHAHHA……… its been two years and still no ford gt le mans,over a year and still no corvette dp!

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