VIP Models Final LBWK F40! •

VIP Models Final LBWK F40!

More on the exotic tuner cars, we have the first photos of the production VIP Models LBWK F40.  This resin and sealed version will gain some attention as the GT Spirit release did sellout quite fast, though these two brands are not aligned on price point.

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6 Responses to "VIP Models Final LBWK F40!"

  1. Wes says:

    The GT Spirit didn’t have the rear overfenders so it was technically an earlier version of this car. This one is more recent and complete

  2. momo JAPAN says:

    Hello everyone.
    I have a question.
    I am thinking of buying this model. is the level of finish of the VIP model good?

  3. momo JAPAN says:

    Hello DS TEAM

    Thank you for your kind message.

    I am hoping that this model will be available from GT Spirit, but

    I have just preordered the red body model.

    I have seen this vehicle with my own eyes many times and the model looks a bit purer in the front molding, especially around the lights.

    Please have a look at my web site to thank me. You will find several photos of the car that I took in Osaka, Japan.

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