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Welcome Automodello.com!

You’ve likely read some of the reviews of the last several years or noticed the rotating banners, Automodello.com is the latest site sponsor here at DiecastSociety.com.  Please welcome them to fold.  As we always declare, please support our sponsors as they support us!

Automodello.com has a cast of team members that help bring the vision and unique pieces to scale.  The company was founded by James Cowen, he himself an avid collector.  Back in 2009 the brand Automodello was born alongside partner Raffi Minasian.  The core focus with Automodello is with 1:24, 1:43 and 1:12 replicas.  Their choice of subject matter is new, unique and refreshing.  Items that most if not all mainstream brands overlook.  Over the next several weeks our team will review a number of new models from the Automodello, please stay tuned!


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