ACME 1957 Bel Air Street-Strip •

ACME 1957 Bel Air Street-Strip

ACME is bringing out the Chey!  The team’s latest effort is the 1:18, diecast metal, 1957 Bel Air Street-Strip.  The Red and White exterior mate well to the classic Cragar style wheels.  Full 360 access makes this one tasty addition.  Street date is scheduled for November 2018.  Suggested retail $149.95US.

Product# A1807005

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4 Responses to "ACME 1957 Bel Air Street-Strip"

  1. Perry says:

    Anyone know what detail level Acme makes their cars? Is it closer to GMP or Maisto?

    • DS Team says:

      Definitely GMP! LOL

    • ilka says:

      ACME uses already existing toolings/molds, from different brands, but they usually aim for quality ones. Easier to udnderstand – they usually re-release good older molds. This one is HWY61 tooling. They use a lot of old HWY61 and GMP molds, but sometimes more budget AutoWorld (which is still awesome), Greenlight, and the most disappointing to me was a 1969 Trans-Am mustang which was always pricey, actually when ACME re-released it, the ACME’s pricing was way more affordable, but it was still an overpriced Welly.

  2. Mark says:

    Yes, this I dont understand completely. We already have so so Trans Am racers as AAR Cuda and Challenger from Hi61 molds, so why they are not able or willing to put out the 1969 and 1970 Trans Am Mustangs is a MYSTERY to me. They would be not perfect as those two before – sure – BUT definitely way more better than those Wellys !

    And by the way the Hi mold of 1969 Mustang is I think one of the least used. Just Boss 302 in three colors and thats it…What about Mach 1 in Acapulco blue PLEASE !!!

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