REVIEW: INNO Models | INNO64 Honda Civic Racers •

REVIEW: INNO Models | INNO64 Honda Civic Racers

We’ve noticed a trend over the last year or so, more and more brands are jumping on the 1:64 bandwagon.  The exact reasons aren’t clearly defined, but one can assume space limitations, more so for European and Asian markets.  The rising cost of 1:43 and 1:18 models, in particular (an average model in 1:18 today typically well over $100 CND).  Or could it be the childhood memories of playing with your dinky cars?  I for one started here, I’m sure many of you have as well.

One brand who recently jumped on the scene with a splash is INNO Models.  Their high-quality, 1:18 resin models featured the likes of classic Japanese race cars.  We reviewed a few models, exceptional execution and extreme stance.  A perfect marriage!

INNO recently expanded into 1:64, launching a new platform called INNO64.  The team was kind enough to send us a few samples. We have four INNO64 releases are under the microscope today.  The examples featured here include:

Honda Civic Ferio Gr.A #11 BP Trampio JTCC 1994 (Hong Kong Special Edition)
Honda Civic EF3 Gr.A #100 Idemitsu Motion JTC 1989
Honda Civic EF3 Gr.A #16 Mugen Motul JTC 1988
Honda Civic EF9 SiR – Black w/ Decal Sheet  (Hong Kong Special Edition)

At first glance these are tiny; none exceeding 2.5″ in length or 1″ in width.  Each piece comes shipped in a clear plastic base with cover.  The base clearly defines the specimen it houses with attractive decal work.  Retail for a typical INNO64 piece is roughly $22 CND, making this scale extremely affordable!  So how does each model excel from an execution standpoint?

INNO does a great job and capturing the overall lines on every example here.  Each model definitely resembles its bigger 1:1 counterpart.  The body of the models are executed in diecast metal. The smallest of details are here too.  Side mirrors, toe hook and rear and side exhausts are clearly defined.  Some of these elements are actual photo-etched crafted parts.  I’m impressed!

Their racing series of cars are all littered with graphics and decals.  Each piece comes to life with waterslide decals and tempo print.  The application is very good, though some examples could use a little more finesse in application.  The decals themselves are quality too.  Proof is in the photos!  Colour separation is top notch.  Even the numbers and script for the various branding and sponsors are clearly defined and legible.  And I’m speaking to the smallest of decal.

Wheels are a big part of any scale representation.  As you can see from the plethora of photos their is good definition and colouring execution for each.  The detail extends right down to the bolts surrounding the perimeter of each racing wheel.  Even more so, there are braking components found behind.  Well done!

Interiors aren’t left behind either.  Each model clearly defines the dash and shifter, seating and related safety gear.  Seats and roll cages have clearly defined elements; seats also include seat-belt harness and related gear.  You would never think one so small would be so detailed.

As for the Black sheep in the herd, the Honda Civic EF9 SiR offers a little bit more.  The model ships with a separate decal sheet.  This will allow the collector to fully customize his or her model or not.  The decals are water based, so application isn’t too challenging.

I’ll be honest with you I wasn’t expecting this level of detail.  INNO does prove that good things do come in small packages, and their INNO64 series is one that collectors of 1:64 scale should investigate.  Not only for the level of detail but for their unique subject matter.

Anyone one with a limited budget and or limited space might consider this new scale.  There is a lot of definition here.  As for a seasoned collector in love with 1:18 or 1:43, teaching an old dog a new trick might prove somewhat challenging.  But this is what makes our hobby so great!  Variety is always welcomed, and one can choose their path or sway from their current one.  Enjoy the pics!

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