ACME New 1965 Ford Mustang A/FX - BATCAR •

ACME New 1965 Ford Mustang A/FX – BATCAR

Heated the classics with another instalment of Americana is the latest effort from ACME, welcome their replica of the 1965 Ford Mustang A/FX “BATCAR”.  A metal exterior with full access and a decent amount of interior and exterior detailing is part of the package.  This car helped coin the term “funny car”, more on this below.  If interested the production car will be released in September 2022.  More than enough time to save some money!

About the Ford Mustang A/FX – Batcar…  “As the drag wars heated up among the factory hot rods, the Factory Experimental category of racing grew wildly in its popularity. The BATCAR, sponsored by the famous Rice & Homan Ford dealer, was one of 10 Mustangs commissioned by Ford to be made into purpose-built drag cars by the Holman & Moody team. The pilot of the BATCAR was one of the most accomplished drag racers of the day, Al Joniec. Al and the 427 cammer-powered Mustang would set numerous records together. One of their quarter-mile passes was 8.70 seconds at 170mph! Another cool fact about the BATCAR is that it was one of the first A/FX cars to move the body back on the chassis to maximize weight transfer for racing, leading to the term “funny car”. “

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4 Responses to "ACME New 1965 Ford Mustang A/FX – BATCAR"

  1. Walt bogdan says:

    Things could change when production is complete but right now i am not seeing a unpainted aluminum radiator,water pump and cylinder heads.the batcar was supposed to represent a 1966 mustang but the front grille is a 1965 grille.the air intake tubes had their openings where the headlights should have been.otherwise looks pretty good.

  2. Walt bogdan says:

    One other item, the batcar mustang never ran with taillights . There were bat emblems where the taillights should be.

  3. Walt bogdan says:

    Just a update.the batcar mustang never ran in a/fx in was modified to run in unlimited stock u/s on the nascar drag circuit. It did run Iin experimental stock x/s in nhra.the f/x class was replaced after the winter nationals in 1966.the batcar mustang ran with 1 racing seat and a 4 point rollbar why it never raced in the short lived a/fx class in 1966 was because they changed the rules to require a stock wheelbase.

  4. Walt bogdan says:

    Correction, the fx classes continued through 1966 but al joniac never ran in a/fx in 1966

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