ACME New Chevrolet Bel Air Gasser "Night Stalker" •

ACME New Chevrolet Bel Air Gasser “Night Stalker”

Those that fancy a little American muscle may like the latest from ACME.  This is the 1:18, diecast metal 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Gasser nicknamed “Night Stalker”.  The exterior is found in a Black Powder finish with fully a blown big block 454 engine to boot.  The production here is limited to 750 pieces.  Look for this one in July 2021.

Product# A1807010

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2 Responses to "ACME New Chevrolet Bel Air Gasser “Night Stalker”"

  1. George K says:

    Love it! Old school for sure!

  2. Hemi Tim says:

    Would buy this in a heartbeat… if it didn’t have such underwhelming engine detailing. If only there was a proper GMP-engine inside…

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