REVIEW: INNO64 Honda NSX-R GT 1:64 (Chrome Black) •

REVIEW: INNO64 Honda NSX-R GT 1:64 (Chrome Black)

Words and photos courtesy of Vinod Enka


Alright! My first review on! Actually, my first diecast review put into words. So here goes.

Our subject today is a cool (or at least I think it is) little 1:64 diecast model by INNO64, famous for their JDM culture cars. I’m no JDM guy, but if something has great detail, clean lines and has been made with care, I’m all for it. Plus, we’re talking about the 90s Honda NSX here, a car which even in stock form, appeals to non-JDM folks like me. To be honest, it’s the Clarion Builds NSX (restomod version) that really got me appreciating it, and soon after I found a blue Hotwheels interpretation that pretty much captured the essence of the Clarion.

Back to the INNO64, when it arrived, I was slightly taken aback by its size. Is this true 1:64 or slightly smaller? My Hotwheels car is a tad larger, and a MINIGT 1:64 R35 GTR I once bought for someone seemed larger from memory, but I can’t be certain without a side-by-side comparison. Anyway, size aside, everything else about it pretty much hit the spot. Being one of their pre-order models, I placed my order in early December and just got it in hand a few days back. Shipment delays. That’s ok. So yeah, with online shopping, you could never be too sure what the colour may look like in real life, plus this was a pre-order, so no one else had uploaded real-word photos or Youtube videos for me to scrutinize beforehand. But if the official pre-production shots were anything to go by, that chrome black paint job sealed the deal right away.

The colours in the photos are as faithful as possible to the real car, under natural daylight. What you see is pretty much it. Now, why INNO64 you ask? Isn’t the NSX already produced by the likes of Ignition64 / Hobby Japan etc? Yes, there’s plenty of competition even in the 1:64 space, but INNO64 Models got the colour combinations right to bring the details to life. Prior to this, I was eyeing the white NSX-R (non GT version) also by INNO64, for the above-mentioned detailing. Take the interior, for example, those attractive red bucket seats (with visible cockpit-style seatbelts!) coupled with silver trim on the dashboard are just outstanding. Rival Ignition64 (which costs twice the price here) is all black inside. And don’t get me started on the engine details. Now, I’m aware this isn’t Tomica Limited Vintage level of machinery (which costs 3X more), but I’m still really content with what’s on offer here. Comparing this model to similar price range offerings from MiniGT and even Para64, I dare say the execution of details here is much sharper. I’ll let the photos do the talking now. I’ve got one more thing to add, but let’s save that for after the photos!

If you look closely at the rear light bar, notice the almost illuminated light bulbs. Bear in mind, this is a 1:64

Wasn’t easy locking focus on this car.  I used a magnifying lens for this shot. You can even make out the DOHC VTEC on the engine!

And now, remember that one more thing? Well, for those who are new to the INNO64 brand, they actually give you a spare set of wheels to swap if the factory BBS ones aren’t up your alley! Look at that. I’m thinking we’re looking at some good value here (about CAD25). The wheels don’t roll freely BTW.

So that concludes this review. The keyboard is relieved. On another note, for those keen on premium 1:64s (on the budget end), MiniGT is putting out some very attractive models too. They’ve branched out from JDMs to Porsches, Bentleys, Audis, MBs, BMWs & McLarens. Details are acceptable for the asking price (slightly cheaper than INNO64), but definitely a step up from our good ‘ol Hotwheels, Matchboxes & Majorettes. For those who scrolled all the way here, wow, thank you for your time. I’ll try to keep it shorter in the future.  Stay safe!!

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5 Responses to "REVIEW: INNO64 Honda NSX-R GT 1:64 (Chrome Black)"

  1. DS Team says:

    Vinod thanks for the review, this miniature looks great! We can totally understand why 1:64 has made a recurrence over the last few years. These replicas are cool! Keep the review coming!!

  2. Vinod says:

    You’re most welcome! Who would’ve thought 1:64s would be in back in style? I think they’re a good option especially here in Asia where urban living space comes at a premium!

    • DS Team says:

      ” I think they’re a good option especially here in Asia where urban living space comes at a premium!”

      The key selling feature for sure!

  3. Mason Bloom says:

    Welcome to the club! That is a stunning model, and I’m not a big JDM fan either. About the size you mentioned, “Back to the INNO64, when it arrived, I was slightly taken aback by its size. Is this true 1:64 or slightly smaller? My Hotwheels car is a tad larger…” This is because, if I remember correctly, Hot Wheels stretches out and squishes their cars to make them look more realistic, when in reality it isn’t as realistic because of the different proportions. So if this INNO64 looks shorter and taller, that is why.

    • Vinod says:

      Thanks Mason! Agreed, Hotwheels does intentionally flatten their cars a little for that dramatic stance :) Btw thanks for all your reviews lately, always looking forward to new DS reviews – my fav section.

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