Almost Real Mercedes-Maybach S-Class - Obsidian Black •

Almost Real Mercedes-Maybach S-Class – Obsidian Black

Almost Real have released some official photos of their latest effort, the luxurious, 1:18 scale, diecast metal, Mercedes-Maybach S-Class in Obsidian Black.  The model is based on the 2016 platform and features diecast exterior, fully opening and host on fine details.  A perfect alternative to the AUTOart composite release.  This model is due in March, though some pieces will be available later this month.  Suggested retail $188US.

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10 Responses to "Almost Real Mercedes-Maybach S-Class – Obsidian Black"

  1. RR says:

    Definitely going to get this one. Wanted to wait and see how it compares to the Autoart and all I can say is the interior and everything look like Autoarts used to. The seats look like they even have a texture

  2. George K says:

    That’s a beautiful model. I hope Almost Real can keep this level of quality going. TSM started this way too, with great diecast models, but that didn’t last long at all.

  3. Karsten says:

    A “perfect alternative to the AUTOart composite release”? The AUTOart is only second-best, so AR is first choice, not just an “alternative”. What I grow wary of, though, is that AR announces a whole lot of attractive models, but doesn´t keep pace at delivering them. With what is announced now, it will take half a decade to bring them out.

  4. John says:

    If this one turned out this well I can’t wait to see how the Pagani Huayra Roadster looks. I just hope they give it a more vibrant blue carbon look than some of the models of it that have already been released.

  5. Ollie says:

    These guys are certainly showing Autoart how it CAN still be done in high quality AND in diecast at less than exhorbitant prices. The issue as Karsten has already pointed out is the pace of bringing them to market. If they can address this aspect, and maintain current quality, the future bodes well for both ARM and collectors. Put me down for a white Maybach thanks.

    Slightly off topic, but while on the subject of the pace of bringing models to market, what the hell are Bburago doing with Ferrari releases? What a waste of a license. :-(

  6. Lamborghini245 says:

    I Have the Range rover extremely pleased with the level of details these guys put into their cars!

  7. Alex says:

    Looks gorgeous! Definitely a must have and the perfect alternative to the expensive Aa models..

  8. Terry P Pugh says:

    Looks beautiful. Almost Real is a new brand in the market place and this Maybach looks wonderful. I have 2 Almost Real Maybachs at 1:43. One in black and the other in blue. They are exquisite. I am contemplating purchasing the 1:18 if they release a blue one. I have 2 1:18 Autoart Maybachs in black and gold. I also have the 1:18 Autoart Maybach Pullman in black and just ordered the new release in gold. I have the various iterations of the 1:18 Maybach from GT Spirit as well. Just a note the Autoart Maybach is missing the V12 logo on the side but they put it on the Pullman. Curious they would miss that. Almost Real and GT Spirit of course did not miss this detail. Hoping they release a 1:18 blue.

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