REVIEW: Spark Porsche Mission E Concept •

REVIEW: Spark Porsche Mission E Concept

Welcome to the future! Porsche Mission E Concept meets all the baselines of your typical fossil fuel sportscar, but without a drop of gasoline. This model of the Porsche Mission E Concept was a birthday present to myself. I broke the golden rule and exceeded the $300CND threshold for a sealed, resin model. I swore I would never do!

Why may you ask? A few reasons. For one I love the forward-thinking design that the Porsche designers envisioned in a fully capable concept car. Second, every time I saw the replica online or in photographs I got the warm fussy feeling in my pants; you all know that feeling! And third, other than this Spark Dealer Edition piece found here, do you think any other mainstream manufacturer would bring this future classic to scale? I don’t think. In all, this model set me back approximately $370CND. Not cheap. So how did Spark do?

From an exterior point of view, the model hits high marks.  Body lines mimic the original well.  Being a sealed resin piece, the shut lines and panel gaps are excellent.  Let me add to this, Spark’s panel gaps are nicely defined here, much better depth and definition than your typical entry-level resin manufacturer.

Paint work is consistent throughout.  The White exterior has added metallic flakes throughout.  Sorry, my poor photo skills aren’t bringing the true affect of the paint forward.  The little of what carbon fibre work is found (front, side, and rear lower sections) is competed well too.  What is missing is access to internal bits.  For one the forward driver side connectivity re-fuel access.  This the biggest negative of sealed models!

As we move to the front fascia the excellent execution level continues.  Headlight detail is excellent as well as the curvatures of the bumper and side intakes.  The opening on each side just in front of the doors are capped with solid bits.  A slight miss here.

From the rear, the Porsche Mission E continues to shine.  The level of execution is on par once again.  On the negative end the upper perforated pieces just under the rear spoiler are once again completed with solid pieces.  Visually it is unusual to see no rear exhaust, but this is a fully electric vehicle after all.

The wheels on the Porsche Mission E shine.  The entire package is crafted with care.  Paint work is top-notch in mating the Black with White.  Photos are somewhat sheltered by the fan-like piece in the centre of the wheel, but the calipers are completed in Gold. In all, the effort here is A+.

Inside the model is fully dressed from front to rear.  Four individual bucket sport seats anchor the interior.  The two-tone dash and centre console are nicely crafted too.  The quality of material, though plastic is above the typical entry-level piece.  Fully fabric seat-belts are in place for all four.  The original car looks to have an Alcantara fitted floor.  Our model is finished with a hard plastic material.

All in all, I’m very impressed with the level of detail and fit and finish of Spark’s Porsche Mission E Concept.  The car is near perfect in my eyes, which helps somewhat with the massive $370 price tag.  Being an exclusive dealer edition is surely why the model is inflated in price.  So unless you’re a die-hard Porsche nut or enjoy the concept side of scale collecting this one might not be for you.  On the flip side, if you are a Porsche nut and want a little piece of conceptual history in your collection, the Spark Porsche Mission E Concept comes well equipped.  Enjoy the pics!

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4 Responses to "REVIEW: Spark Porsche Mission E Concept"

  1. Chad says:

    Nice, though I’m willing to bet the production version will get more treatment in scale. The price is a shocker, but concept cars are never matched by production cars for beauty, and when you want it, you want it. I don’t buy sealed resin, but I’ve made exceptions for a couple of favourite cars not available other than as cheap toys.

  2. Moondawn says:

    I’d like to add that Spark thinks that limited series allows them to overprice their models by a considerable margin. Notwithstanding their irrefutable build quality. But if they misjudge the general interest, prices tend to go down fast. The Porsche Panamera Concept started at 400 euro; I bought one for 160.

    • DS Team says:

      The price is more of reflection of the Porsche brand mystic LOL. We’ve seen the Panamera Concept, it pails in comparison looks wise to the Mission E Concept in our opinion, but price wise a great deal considering.

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