Almost Real New Brabus 900 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class •

Almost Real New Brabus 900 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

Those fans of diecast metal and 360 access may want to look into the latest Mercedes-Maybach release from Almost Real.  This is the Brabus edition 900 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class in Obsidian Black.  Almost Real is doing something right, and collectors agree.  The brand is currently leading the 2019 Model of Year.  The Brabus Mercedes-Maybach is limited to 1000 pieces worldwide.  Suggested retail $188 US.

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  1. RYO says:

    It kinda seems like a rehash of their normal Maybach S600 as it’s a bit too plain for a brabus version. Everything about Brabus is over-the-top, so I wish they could’ve picked a more flashy color for the interior with the business package all replicated. Also, the trunk space should be covered in leather which you can’t see in this model.

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