Kyosho New 1:64 Toyota and Lamborghini •

Kyosho New 1:64 Toyota and Lamborghini

Fans of 1:64 may like the new examples upcoming from Kyosho. First, we have the Toyota GR Supra.  Colours include Red, White, and Yellow.  Street date late January 2020.  Suggested retail $23.75US.  The second is the Lamborghini Huracan.  It will be made available Blue, Purple and Green.  Street date February 2020.  Suggested retail $18.75 US.  As we can the new Supra is clearly contending for the most exposed model in scale as of late.  But where is the 1:18 version?

Product# 07045A1 / 07045A2 / 07045A3 / 07110R / 07110W / 07110Y

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