Amalgam 1:8 Ferrari 248 F1 (2006) - Schumacher •

Amalgam 1:8 Ferrari 248 F1 (2006) – Schumacher

Those in favour of the larger things in life and appreciate the Ferrari badge via the F1 experience may like the latest race edition from Amalgam, this is the 1:8 scale Ferrari 248 F1 (2006) – Schumacher car.  Retail, just north of $8000 US.  Also note, the blurred decals are due to “advertising regulations”.  The purchased product will not have this effect.

About the Ferrari 248 F1 (2006)…  “Ferrari’s entry for the 2006 season, the 248 F1 was the Scuderia’s 52nd single-seater built exclusively for use in the FIA Formula 1 World Championship® and was driven by seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher and new Ferrari driver Felipe Massa. The car’s name was derived from its new main feature; the introduction of an eight-cylinder V configuration engine, with an overall capacity of 2400 cubic centimetres, the final engine designed by Paolo Martinelli in his 12-years as the head of the Scuderia’s Engine Department. The 248 F1 name renewed a tradition for Ferrari Formula 1 cars fitted with V8 engines, last seen in 1964 with the 158 F1. Ferrari’s engineers, overseen by Technical Director Ross Brawn, focused on performance and the optimization of the materials used, from the design phase through to the quality control, always striving to maximize the level of performance whilst achieving the highest possible levels of safety.”

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  1. Giorgio262 says:

    the F1 cars of that era, say up untill 2008, looked so much better. then when they banned refueling, and introduced new wings regulations, they started to ave weird proportions, and then they ruined the sound with the small turbo engines. I just don’t care about F1 anymore. That said, nice looking car. too bad it’s so big and expensive and yet nothing can be opened. What you see in these photos is all you get.

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