Amalgam 1:8 Porsche 917K (1971) Le Mans Winner •

Amalgam 1:8 Porsche 917K (1971) Le Mans Winner

A limited production example of the 1:8 scale Porsche 917K  (1971) Le Mans Winner – Martini Livery in full Race Weathered trim will be released by Amalgam.  The model does look brilliant with the weathering effects and race-damaged areas.  Full access is part of the experience too.  Amalgam claims 4000 hours of R&D time and about 450 hours to hand-build, this includes the weathering.  Seems Amalgam isn’t immune to price increases either, this example is set you back a whopping $19,000+ US.

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  1. SolarProd says:

    Hm, 4000 hrs of research and took me one second to detect a flaw: hood should not “flare” into side panel but instead be wider.

    Look at Sparks 1:18 how to model the bodywork correctly.

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