Auto World New Don Schumacher's "Stardust" '72 Plymouth Cuda •

Auto World New Don Schumacher’s “Stardust” ’72 Plymouth Cuda

Now this is a slight departure from Auto World’s 1:64 assortment, the new 1:18 Don Schumacher’s “Stardust” ’72 Plymouth Cuda Funny car is coming!  This scale replica packs a lot of punch, and not only in the power department.  The brilliant blue and yellow theme is nicely replicated from the original.  Beautiful detail underneath surely makes this a cool addition to any scale model collection.  The “Stardust” ’72 Plymouth Cuda will enter the market in October of this year. We’re sure many will be anticipating it’s release!

About the 1972 Plymouth Cuda…  ““The Shoe” Schumacher’s staggering record in the Funny Car match-race and national event circuits go back to the sport’s early years. The first Stardust was christened in the mid 1960’s. The car originally acquired it’s name from its main sponsor, the Stardust Hotel, in Las Vegas.  By the end of 1974, the Schumacher team had racked up an amazing dossier of wins, including 5 U.S. Nationals and nine IHRA event titles – many under the Stardust name.”

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  1. Michael D says:

    Excellent indeed. As a young teen I saw him race several times. Will get this one for the memories (:-)
    Also the engine plumbing looks to be fairly well detailed.


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