GreenLight Collectibles Beetle/Truck Replicas •

GreenLight Collectibles Beetle/Truck Replicas

Recycling the mould is the theme to the latest update from GreenLight Collectibles.  First we have the 1:18 Volkswagen Beetle that will be available in Gulf Oil Race livery, there is also a second Beetle from Once Upon A Time, named “Emma’s Volkswagen Beetle”.  Who is Emma?  Lastly we have a 1:18 scale replica of the “Sanford & Son” 1952 Ford F-1 Truck.  If you’re familiar with the name, Sanford & Son was a popular sitcom from back in the seventies.

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  1. Bob Johnson says:

    The application of a Gulf logo for no real reason such as “it really existed” is ludicrous!!

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